Filippa K ss13 campaign images and a jolly nice jacket

Filippa K is one of those labels that I see at press days but not really in shops. And as it’s pretty low key I don’t actively seek it out. But I love what I’ve seen for ss13, especially this softer version of an MA1 jacket with rose gold detailing, shown on Julia Stegner (one of my favourite models, look at that swanlike neck!). And this perfect white shirt. And of course, this easy, chunky-but-fitted jumper…

Filippa K ss13 will be stocked at Liberty and Atterley Road. The jacket retails at £178.

[Images: Lachlan Bailey for Filippa K]

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One Response to Filippa K ss13 campaign images and a jolly nice jacket

  1. Do quite like Filippa K – used to have a pair of trousers – and this collection looks good. Nice jacket!

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