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Who are they? And more importantly, why do they do it?

Who am I talking about? Those daft people who dawdle along Oxford Street during rush hour at a snail’s pace, dragging what seems to be their entire worldly goods behind them in an XXXL-size wheelie case. WTF?

Forget trying to do anything in a hurry in Oxford Street, you have no choice but to curb your pace to that of tourist-speed. This I can accept. Buy I truly don’t get why anyone would pull a wheelie case the length of the busiest shopping street in Britain. Have they just checked out of their hotel and decided to kill some time browsing the shops at ‘the shit end’ of Oxford Street? Or is the case actually empty, waiting to be filled up with goodies from Next, Primark and Jane Norman? The mind truly boggles. The strange thing is that you never see these spacial-awareness-averse weirdos inside the shops, only on the pavement (usually stopping short right in front of me). 

Can anyone shed any light on the matter? It’s not just me, others have noticed it too… And while we’re on the subject, I seem to recall an ancient London by-law that says people with suitcases can’t take them on public transport. If you have a suitcase – GET A CAB* (er, sorry make-up artists)!
*Only (half) joking
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29 Responses to File under WTF

  1. citygirlstyle says:

    Agreed. And when tourists stand at the bottom os escalators with thier suitcases!!

  2. kathryn-louisa says:

    Couldn't agree more. It's not just London either, they're all over Barcelona – not impressed!


  3. Pearl Westwood says:

    So true, I seem to be plagued by idiots who stop dead infront of me to look at their phones – its called mobile for a reason grrr!

  4. POPPY FRENCH says:

    I have had to drag light kit in one hand camera kit in the other through the tube at rush hour. Actual hell on earth. I shake when I think of it.
    Which makes me wonder why would those people do that on Oxford street? Satanists.

  5. teawithonesugarplease says:

    Ah thanks for linking me to our blog :-) Yesterday was just typical – a whole family of suitcase wheelers just stopping for no reason in the middle of the pavement!

  6. Mademoiselle Robot says:

    Hahahaha!!! I hate Oxford street, every time I have to walk more than 5 mn there, I feel like I am surrounded by an army of zombies and my stress levels go through the roof. And yes, suitcases send me in a murderous rage. Mind you, I am quite the moody cow, so it takes very little to send me in a murderous rage.

  7. Isabelle says:

    When I lived in New York I humped suitcases across town, and instantly got tons of offers for help, but in London people (including me!) just get annoyed.

    Maybe it's because our town is so much more sprawling and inefficient. Anyway, I agree, and find myself loudly whispering 'seriously? SERIOUSLY?' when faced with tourists who have just decided to dawdle/stop completely.

    I prefer the peace of Eastcastle st…

  8. That's Not My Age says:

    I'd like to suggest a congestion charge for wheelie cases in central London!

  9. tor (fabfrocks) says:

    I have seen (with my own eyes!) people on their knees outside primark packing hundreds of shopping bags into the suitcases they wheel with them. Primark have even started selling suitcases – I can't help but think the two are linked!

  10. Claire says:

    Oxford Street (particularly at the weekend) is absolute hell on earth for anyone trying to get anywhere. I get that sometimes, one needs to move a suitcase. And I get that sometimes that's during rush hour (it does annoy me on the tube, but sometimes I'm in that position myself). But really, on Oxford Street? Not near a tube? The mind boggles.

    They're not even going to Selfridges either, which if I had the cash, would definitely be a place I would need a suitcase to bring home all of my goodies!

  11. BoyUndSchwester says:

    That is so true! My flatmate and I frequently get tourist rage – why, why do they walk so slowly? Why???

  12. Rollergirl says:

    Ooh this IS an amotive subject! Thank you Tor for finally shedding some light on the subject. I can understand suitcases on the tube but I couldn't understand who would need to wheel a case down Oxford Street – it's hardly a residential street. So, my theory is correct, it's an all-you-can-pack situation and the blame can be squarely left at the feet of Primark. And now I recall there is that suitcase shop next door, all is becoming clear…

  13. Sarah says:

    Oh my God, this drives me crazy. Although perhaps they are particularly slow make-up artists with full kit who don't know shortcuts?

    Even worse, I get furious about massive, posh, unwieldy buggies on tubes in rush hour. Sorry mums, I'm just bad tempered because I am on the way to work..

  14. Jess says:

    oxford is much the same, except you also get tourists tutting at you for walking unawares across their photograph. excuse me… i live here!!


  15. Caroline, No. says:

    I effing hate those things. People suddenly grind to a halt with them, leaving you half tripping over them. I seriously nearly saw someone go under a tube train once because someone stopped suddenly with their stupid pully suitcase…

    Oxford St is just hell to be avoided at all costs full stop.

  16. Helen B says:

    Oh, no. I must confess – I've been one of the evil wheelers on more than one occasion.

    Usually someone has rudely booked a mtg there and I'm lugging my laptop around on a day-trip.

    I apologise from the bottom of my wheelie-case. If it's any consolation, I always feel terrible doing it.

  17. Rollergirl says:

    Ah, well Helen that makes a bit of sense. I'm not so much talking about the overnight sized ones though, I'm talking about the SUPERsized ones…

  18. Clare says:

    I've had to do it many a time! There are a lot of PRs and shops that let you borrow clothes for shoots along Oxford Street, the poor lowly interns have to take them back and the suitcases make it that little bit easier! It's a hideous task and I get annoyed let along everyone else around me, plus I often didn't know where I was going so that explains the dawdling…

    Not a lowly intern anymore though so those wheelers can get out of my way!



  19. Rollergirl says:

    Clare, I'm sorry but what kind of mag makes its interns hand deliver that many returns? The odd local bag, yes, but the whole lot I think is naughty.

    Different if you are a freelance stylist but I don't thing mags should be doing that.
    OK, rant over, back on-topic.

    Clare, you are excused…

  20. All Women Stalker says:

    Oh I hate those. I have yet to meet people who stop WITH suitcases but the ones that just stop near the escalator (sans suitcases) are as annoying.

  21. SJP says:

    Oh my goodness! I HATE these people! Not only do they pull these ridiculous contraptions behind them, they do it at a snail's pace AND decide to stop dead in front of you, in the middle of the street, AAARGH! Tube stations are the worst, and I always seem to be in a hurry when I'm stuck behind one. Xx

  22. Anonymous says:

    nice post. thanks.

  23. Style Slicker says:

    I work p/t in retail on Oxford St and in the past year I noticed alot of tourists/non tourists drag their large/small suitcases around on pavements and worst…on shop floors where I work. It's still a hassel where you have to weave around those peeps, and it is security risk too.

    Suitcases should be banned on Oxford/Regent Street!!!

  24. Stylist Stuff says:

    Maybe it's a stylist or her assistant…we are always dragging case but we do try to avoid Oxford Street!

  25. Make Do Style says:

    Constantly on a daily basis! Mind you I did have to walk from Cavendish Sq to Bond St tube once with said wheelie packed with clothes and a massive 'How to Look Good Naked' sticker stuck on it.
    What was funnier was that they'd muddled up the Channel 4 programmes.
    People were running away from me.

  26. Ondo Lady says:

    LMAO!! Did someone just get on your bad side? We don't normally get a rant from you but when we do it is always a good one. Yes it is annoying when they stop dead in front of you but as a former wheelie suitcase holder (when I was commuting between Kent and London) I can see both sides of the argument. I assure you it is a pain wheeling those things just as it is walking behind someone with one. LOL

  27. Style Slicker says:

    I remember we used to have a costume designer/wardrobe designer and assistant/s come to our store to buy some pieces for Harry Potter films. They carry large suitcases between them :S

    I'm sure stylists and assistants take short cuts on the side street to avoid padestrians, like I did this morning.

  28. kirstyb says:

    ugh i had this problem today! I think I nearly fell over said problem about 10 times xxxxxxxx

  29. stacy says:

    Oh good Lord… I can totally sympathize. We have the same problem in NYC — and of course, it's always the busiest areas. That said, I miss Oxford St. Haven't been to London in way too long :-(

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