Ma’am, your purse is open

It’s kind of stupid but I secretly like the wonkiness of these half-open-half-closed handbags. Fendi came first with its Peekaboo (now in umpteen sizes, finishes and colours), followed by Celine with this zippy number (above). It’s part of the whole ‘I’m so busy I just don’t care’ thing that’s going on and is popular with the type of girl that throws her coat over her shoulders because she doesn’t have a spare second to put her arms in the sleeves.

Be prepared for well meaning types to tell you your purse is open…

[Top image/Celine campaign/Juergen Teller]

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One Response to Ma’am, your purse is open

  1. This is how I’ve been carrying my bag for years… I’m ahead of the times!!!

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