Fendi’s ‘Bag Bugs’ pop-up opens at Harrods

Playful luxe is the trend that just won’t die and for Christmas, Fendi has gone for it in a major way. Enter its Bag Bugs, which first made their appearance on the AW13 runway in all their funny-faced, Muppets-esque furry glory.

This month, Harrods has the exclusive on Fendi’s Bag Bugs capsule collection. It consists of playful creatures realised as bag charms, leather goods, shoes and handbags, all situated in a dedicated pop-up in the corner of the store. Even the fixtures and fittings have wacky faces…!

Fendi’s Bag Bugs pop-up shop can be found on the ground floor at Harrods until November 30th.

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3 Responses to Fendi’s ‘Bag Bugs’ pop-up opens at Harrods

  1. Jous says:

    :) Those bag bugs remind me of Angry Birds :D

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