Fashion Week Twittequette

London Fashion Week is a mere three days away and panic is rising amongst London’s style seekers. What will we wear? How will we get everything done? Why are all the parties on the same night? And what colour sticker does one use to upgrade a Christopher Kane standing ticket to seated? So many unanswered questions!

This is the first season that Twitter is going to be in full effect at LFW and I have already seen it in action for NYFW. Information overload anyone? More to the point, if you’re tweeting during a show/party/presentation, you’re really not fully engaged in the proceedings. It’s a bit like holding up a phone at a U2 gig, no? Clearly it’s a sign of the times when documenting an event has become more important than experiencing it. So, if anyone sees me tweeting during a show, please slap me, unless someone like, dies on the catwalk…

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5 Responses to Fashion Week Twittequette

  1. discothequechic says:

    Oh god, I couldn't agree more!

    Although I'm a big tweeter (as are you!) it pains me to see the sheer density of tweets which cause me to imagine a room full of editors and luckily attendees at a show in silence as they tap away on their Blackberrys and the models troop past unnoticed.


    And yes, onto more important things, WHAT to wear?


  2. style slicker says:

    Oh gosh I'd be tweeting and snapping at the time hoohoo.

  3. Coco says:

    Not to mention the crushing jealousy that is felt by all us non-attendees! Pity the lowly – this is all I ask… 😉

  4. Intrinsically Florrie says:

    Everything on the twitter home page flies by so quickly when it's time for a show. Tis mad. And I'm only following 32 twitters (including you of course =]), imagine if you were following a few thousand!

    Florrie x

  5. The Frock Dress Monster says:

    I am completely onboard with this – there is nothing worse than craning your neck in the third row trying to see whether it's brocade or jacquard on an Erdem dress when some first row VIP is tap tap tapping away on his or her blackberry – it's just rude!

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