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People keep asking me which LFW shows I’m excited about and I can’t answer. I’m looking forward to Michael van der Ham as he’s new so I don’t know what to expect from him. I also love the classicists – Margaret Howell, Nicole Farhi and Betty Jackson for their wearable styling. And then Charles Anastase and Eley Kishimoto for their youthful aesthetic. And I love the menswear shows for the ideas I can steal for myself. But I can’t say I’m madly excited about the shows. I get more excited about the atmosphere, catching up with people and taking in the theatre of the front-of-house show. What fashion editors and buyers choose to wear to the shows is as telling as what’s on the runway, especially as now people dress up for the cameras.

Is it sad to be excited about Twitter? I love real-time information and I follow a good mix of tweeters, so as we have had enough lists of ‘the best fashion bloggers’ for now, I share with you my favourite fashion tweeters. These are the tweeters I retweet the most…

Business of Fashion: These guys do a lot of retweeting and linking. If it wasn’t for them I would miss a hell of a lot of useful fashion articles

F.TAPE: Relentless tweeters, the F.TAPE crew are everywhere. Lovely people too…

Volume Group: Ok, not fashion tweeters but essential for up-to-date social media info

IamMademoiselle: A fellow fashion anony-blogger, this one blogs for Elle. She’s funny.

Topshop_tweets: A prolific tweeter who satisfies my appetite for constant updates

Grazia_Live: By-the-minute updates from my fave weekly

TimesFashion: Front row commentary and links to articles

Vogue_London: More front row tweetage from New York, London, Paris and Milan

Lorraine Elle: Editor of UK Elle. Tweet-a-holic

Labishdish: Retail and fashion expert

WGSN: Instant trend reports from the international trend-forecasting agency

Fredbutlerstyle: Chummy with all the emerging Brit designers and goes to the best parties

Robertcduffy: President of Marc Jacobs. Only tweeting for a few more days. Insightful!

Did I miss anyone? You perhaps? Tell me in the comments…

OK, 1 more, the official LFW Twitter. Can’t not follow them!

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13 Responses to Fashion Week Tweeters

  1. Anonymous says:


    For fashion inspiration and news :)

  2. Ondo Lady says:

    I LOVE this!! It is ingenious and such a fun and quirky way of covering fashion and twitter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don't forget @Stellamagazine!

  4. Fashion Bandit says:

    Wow, great list, I'll defin. start following some of these, thanks for the recommendations! I've only just properly launched my blog & linked Twitter page so these will prove very useful! x♥x


  5. Kiwi says:

    A great solid round-up! I follow most of these darlings, it feels good to be on pulse of what's happening. Especially out here in the cold North.

  6. Anastasia and Duck says:

    @bryanboy he may not be everyone's cup of tea, but when it comes to NY, he goes to all the best parties and shows and he is permanently glued to his smart phone


  7. fredbutlerstyle says:

    Brill! Thank you for the recommendation Disney Roller Girl

    I don't have twitter set up on my phone, Im totally at the mercy of my laptop so hopefully I can sort that out, and it will be a million times better.

    Also, I get really paranoid about my tone being too cliquey and icky (not mentioning any names, but some designers tweets make me want to vom)……….so feedback is always welcome……….sometimes I lose the plot and forget that my life isn't normal………….whatever that is anyway!?

  8. Isabelle says:

    Cheers for the handy tips! Duly following… xx

  9. Make Lemonade says:

    ME! @Em_makelemonade! Although…. prob not the most informative of fashion tweeters! thanks for the list! :)

  10. Razzi says:

    and me!



  11. Clare says:

    Good choices. Fred Butler is my favourite :)

    Love your blog, do feel free to check out mine :)



  12. My New Favourite Thing says:

    @cutblog is great – New York magazine's fashion blog. Always insightful and funny too!

    I heard you're holding a blogging workshop at ToSho next week…will pop by to say hi! x

  13. britishbeautyblogger says:

    I loved the fashion week tweets interspersed with some beauty tweeters too…currently loving everyone getting lost in Milan, late cars etc. Real time puts an exciting spin on things and I think has done wonders for LFW.

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