Farfetch X Sixby6 Bloggers – the shoe challenge

Blogger collabs are quite the thing now, aren’t they? I just had a call from a value retailer asking me to work with them but I don’t really do value fashion so had to pass, I think I may have even uttered the phrase ‘it’s not on brand’. I have no problem with blogger collaborations (or designer collabs for that reason) as long as there’s a logical fit and they don’t happen every five minutes. Who wants a blog full of ‘and here’s another project I’m working on’ posts?

Anyway, two recent collabs that do make sense are Emily Johnson’s clever ‘blog bag’ project with Coach (more on that in a separate post) and Farfetch’s shoe design project, SixBy6 Bloggers.
Manufactured by SIXLondon (which also produces shoes for BStore and Opening Ceremony), the shoes have been designed by six of the biggest names in blogging: Susie Bubble, Style Salvage, Facehunter, Caroline’s Mode, The Man Repeller and The Cherry Blossom Girl.

In choosing my favourites I found myself in a quandary. Much as I appreciate the expressive nature of Susie’s pastel-meets-neon stompers, I was more drawn to Caroline’s Mode’s red studded boots. But… don’t they look rather too similar to another popular red studded boot from the not-too distant past? How much does this matter? Each shoe (or boot) is available in a limited edition of 20 pairs (and go on sale today) – I’ll be interested to know which shoes sell fastest between the commercial but unoriginal ones and the unique but not-so-commercial ones. Any guesses?

Caroline’s Mode for SixBy6 bloggers

Susie Bubble’s

And from the others… Style Salvage


The Cherry Blossom Girl

The Man Repeller

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3 Responses to Farfetch X Sixby6 Bloggers – the shoe challenge

  1. Duck says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the men’s sell out the fastest. And then Man Repellers.

  2. Interesting. You’re right though, the more commercial will definitely sell better, although I do hope Susie’s sell too!

    I wish I could bloody fit my size 11 boats into the Man Repellers’ boots!!

  3. stevie says:

    Yes, I scratched my head a little when I noticed the similarity to the Chloe boots. Aside from anything else it seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity to go down a lookalike route when you could have so much fun designing something completely original from scratch. Ho hum.. X

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