Next to Zhuzh, Fabulosity is my favourite word. I mean really, do I have to explain? One day I Googled Fabulosity and Kimora Lee Simmons’ book came up. Readers, I bought it. Call me cheesy but this is one feel-good book. But I think I really dicovered that word in Anthony Haden-Guest’s book The Last Party. In it Haden-Guest documents the goings-on of ‘nightworld’, the New York clubbing scene in the 70s and 80s. I never actually finished that book because it’s so confusing. So many clubs, this person fell out with that person, this club got busted, that guy went to jail. Whatever! Just tell me what Lauren Hutton was wearing dammit! Actually, the pictures are what really tells the story in this book. Forget Lindsay, Paris and all those wannabes, these guys really knew how to get trashed in style.

Another great book if you’re interested in the disco era is Ron Galella’s Disco Years. It’s a photo book and all I need to tell you is it has Grace Jones on the cover. Pure glamourama.

Photos: Top to bottom: Grace Jones, Diane Von Furstenberg, Bianca Jagger by Ron Galella

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9 Responses to Fabulosity

  1. coco says:

    i love the pictures you have used with this post
    so stunning

  2. missx says:

    I have to admit I never really “got” DVF- wrap dresses, empowerment, yada yada yada. But that picture of her, for a lack of other words, is freaking fierce.

  3. the lipstick lady says:

    oh grace jones, how i love her so

  4. Katie Rosemary says:

    Thanks for the comment, hello to you too! Love the blog
    Those pictures are amazing… the party girls of today have no style in comparison. When did dressing like trash become the done thing eh?

  5. alexgirl says:

    god, those pictures are drool-worthy! I LOVE photography, especially that kind. Can you imagine meeting Grace Jones? I’d probably run and hide, she seems scary!! But awesome.

  6. The Jetset says:

    Janice Dickinson, believe it or not, has written some ‘feel good’ books. ‘Everything About Me Is Fake – And I’m Perfect!’ is hilarious… But ‘Check, Please!’ is all about female empowerment and relationships… good stuff.

  7. pinup_girl says:

    I’d love to get “Fabulousity”

  8. Iheartfashion says:

    Great pic of DVF! Reminds me of Eddie saying to Patsy, “See these cheekbones; my whole body hangs from these cheekbones.”

  9. Ondo Lady says:

    Have you Kimora Lee Simmon’s book called Fabulosity? Now that is what you call bling bling. Rather like her show.

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