Extreme heels: Have they reached their t(r)ipping point?

Ok designers. Can we please end it with the hellish heels? I’ve had enough of them and so have the poor models that were stumbling, tripping and flailing all over the Prada SS09 runway due to their inelegant footwear. Even Gwyneth has reverted to flats having worn a succession of increasingly challenging heels during the summer (sales at Selfridges subsequently leapt 35% due to the Gwyneth Effect – are these women crazy?).

Experts claim that high heels still have some mileage in them but I beg to differ. I can see a return to mid-heel shoes – Kurt Geiger’s little-publicised range Solea had plenty of non-frumpy sensible-height shoes at its recent spring preview while London footwear label Sumfortune is also championing the newer lower heel. I say give these a go. With a skinny cropped-above-the-anklebone jean or a 7/8 peg trouser, they’re just as chic as a Louboutin stiletto but way more managable.

[Shoe pics:
1-3: Solea at Kurt Geiger
4: Sumfotune]

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15 Responses to Extreme heels: Have they reached their t(r)ipping point?

  1. enc says:

    Heels like those might get me out of my flats.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    My best friend just ordered 6 inch stiletto heels from net-a-porter. I’m worried about her ankles AND her bank account!

  3. WendyB says:

    I can’t see myself in those little heels…nope!

  4. Make Do Style says:

    Well said!

  5. Lizzy says:

    The shoe in the last photo is just divine!I may have get me a pair of those to wear to the opera this weekend for our 10th anniversary.

    I actually have a great black zara dress and a gorgeous diamond necklace from http://www.idonowidont.com to wear with those shoes and I will stun my hubby when we go that night!

    Heels are so last year, it’s all about the mid flats!

  6. torberry says:

    I’m trying to steer away from the killer heels, but I’m just not sure I think these are pretty..

  7. Sal says:

    BLESS you for saying this. I couldn’t agree more. I mean, I can’t walk in anything over 3.5″ anyway, but it just enraged me to hear about the catwalk falls. I mean, WTF? Those Geigers are fantastic, and just as stylish as towering, unwalkable stilettos in my book.

  8. Glowing Doll says:

    I love to look at heels but I can’t wear them and be happy at the same time, it’s that simple.

    They are a form of foot torture and besides don’t women already have to endure enough pain in their lives?

  9. SOS! says:

    oh no.. not again..

  10. pretty face says:

    Oh I adore Solea… I was on the verge of buying a beautiful pair of button boots from there a couple of winters ago…

  11. Style Eyes says:

    here here. I always buy high heel shoes but don’t often get the chance to wear them as they are too uncomfortable and difficult to walk far in. I find my self wearing the same old pair of flats all the time. I am definitely going to investigate a stylish halfway between.

    Great post, I have linked from one of the blogs I write.


  12. susie_bubble says:

    I’m going to be wrecking my feet by alternating between flats and heels like a heel-yoyo…

  13. Top Bird says:

    Extreme heels? The damage has been done with me, I’m afraid. I’ve wound up with osteoarthritis in my big toe at age 33. I can’t wear heels again, as my toe won’t even bend to fit in the shoe! Boo!

  14. atelier says:

    I use flats every day, but going out in flats is unthinkable to me -maybe because my boyfriend is soo tall, or maybe because I can’t resist to see my legs longer that they actually are, at least for a while, but I cannot stop using stilettos.

  15. Helen-LG says:

    I completely agree, these excessively high heels are a pain – literally! I’m fairly tall to begin with (5’9) and wearing most of these shoes would make it impossible to stand on the tube, let alone run for a bus or walk for any distance – all crucial activities for a working Londoner.

    Also, anything with a heel bigger than 3″ and I’m suddenly towering over everyone I know – most men included – which can be awkward and leads to me stooping to hear conversations – totally defeating the point!

    There are some lovely mid-heel shoes to be found (not as many as I’d like though) hopefully more designers will get on board soon!

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