THIS is how to make a behind-the-scenes video

Wow, this Teen Vogue video directed by Jason Kibbler is incredible. When I did my talk with Vogue’s Robin Derrick a few weeks ago, we agreed that that we’re bored of those behind-the-scenes videos with music over generic shots “of make-up artists going like this” *mimics dabbing of make-up brush on back of hand*. This video is a cross between behind-the-scenes and a pop promo, it’s really cleverly done, from the background hum of the first frames to the jerky *insert correct term here* of the final shots. Adorable.

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3 Responses to THIS is how to make a behind-the-scenes video

  1. Okay, wow. New standard set.

  2. This is awesome. Was not expecting that from the first 16 seconds where it’s just people talking. Love the little dancing boy at the end! xx

  3. Onyxsta says:

    awesome!! Still mimicking the dance at the end of the video with credits rolling…klove this!

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