Elle Decoration visits ‘top bloggers’ at home

Check this out! I was really chuffed to be asked to be featured in the March issue of Elle Decoration (along with Shini and Fred) talking about design, blogging and homesy things. I nearly turned it down as I don’t really like having to tidy up my crap pose for photos but … Elle Deco, people!!! And  lovely Tara Darby did a great job with the pictures, while Talib Choudhry did well to to edit my ramblings into something coherent. Also, gotta love the fact that Fred, Shini and I all included Susie Bubble (AKA the patron saint of UK fashion blogging – ha!) in our top three must-read blogs.

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5 Responses to Elle Decoration visits ‘top bloggers’ at home

  1. Who’s the ‘top blogger’?????

  2. 00o00 says:

    Yes, did I make it to top 3? Did I??

  3. Rania says:

    Congrats, Dear!
    First time visit your blog, and I enjoy reading it :)

  4. Saw this last week. Was so happy for you. LOVE Elle Deco. And you look beautiful. Congratulations. xo

  5. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Ha ha @theverysimong @00o00, the Top Bloggers bit was the title of the Elle Deco piece I swear!

    Thank you Rania and I Am Not A Celebrity for your nice comments!

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