Introducing the DRG STYLE INDEX: Celine, Hermes, Harrods, Uniqlo

Introducing the DRG STYLE INDEX, a ranking of the brands on my radar each week. In order of impact, these are the brands grabbing my attention right now…


My first foray into the Mount Street store (above). Um, wow. The smell! The flooring! The merch! The ratio of sales staff to customer (3-1 on my visit)! At the till, mulling over a two-tone luggage Tote, was a Ghanian lady in full Vlisco-print gear, including headwrap. Oh to photograph her printed skirt against the patchwork marble floor tiles… But alas no, I got the feeling it’s a No Photos kind of store…


I just discovered the Hermes ‘Silk Knots’ scarf app and it’s a thing of joy. Updated regularly, it shows you a zillion ways to tie a silk square which you can then shop and share. Beautifully done. Who says luxury brands aren’t digitally savvy?
UPDATE: Oh wait! A new version has just been released. Find it on iTunes and Google Play


Harrods‘ Fabergé takeover is in full effect until 21st April with a full roster of in-store activity. There’s an exclusive Harrods Fabergé egg pendant, a pop-up Fabergé Salon exhibition, and a ‘Fabergé cinescope’ in the Harrods digital lounge which lets you virtually try on Fabergé jewels (and of course, share on your social channels). Way to put the fun in Fabergé. These co-branded store takeovers are becoming a Harrods trademark and next month sees another biggie, the Prada takeover…


I have always resisted Uniqlo, I dont know why. But the current collection is changing my perception. The Ines de la Fressange line was a stroke of genius, the men’s salmon pink chino shorts are everything I want a boyfriend short to be, and the UT Coke tees are a pop culture addict’s dream (thanks Nigo). Plus if you’re in the market for a classic white pocket tee, theirs are the best on the high street – think cotton, hip length and a little big square.

[Celine image:]

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2 Responses to Introducing the DRG STYLE INDEX: Celine, Hermes, Harrods, Uniqlo

  1. Mr Mint says:

    I love the idea of these posts; looking forward to seeing more. I can only imagine how much more beautiful that Céline store would be in real life. The UT tees are great, and I’m resisting the urge to stow myself away on a London-bound plane to nab them both, as Uniqlo have yet to establish an Australian retail presence. x

  2. This is such a good idea! I love Uniqlo, what took you so long? 😉

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