Dressed to impress

A friend has asked me to sit on a mock-interview panel tomorrow and Friday for graduating journalism students at the college where she teaches. We all know the rules when it comes to dressing for job interviews. Dress for the job: city = suity, creative = something with more snap, crackle and pop, don’t wear jangly jewels, do iron your shirt, etc, etc. But what if you’re doing the interviewing?

I must say I do enjoy a bit of role play and on this occasion I’m to be cast as the ‘serious, scary, external interviewer’ (the other panel members are tutors at the college). All well and good except I got a text this morning casually mentioning that I will need to ‘dress a bit smart’. Ah, I forgot that small matter. I’d figured a dark-jeans-loafers-and-jumper ensemble might suffice but now I’m feeling doubtful. Other than jeans I have chinos which are quite wide in the leg so only work with Converse (too casual) or black Gap cigarette trousers which I can wear with my Bass Weejun loafers. Would a jaunty sock be too much? Then I surely need a smart jacket, and I do have a very nice black Helmut Lang blazer – but it’s not an exact match with the trousers, is that a big no-no? The top doesn’t pose too much of a problem. If I go smart on the trousers, jacket and shoe, I think I can loosen up on the top so I’m thinking trusty Marimekko two-tone stripe top for the smart-with-a-beatnik-edge writer look.

That just leaves Friday to worry about. As a rule, I don’t do smart dresses but I do have my H&M jersey stripe affair which is a good standby for ‘smarten up a bit’ occasions. This would go nicely with my Dexter boots, grey ‘school’ tights (Burlingtons, still going strong from some long lost magazine fashion cupboard) and aforementioned Helmut Lang blazer. To accessorise: my Celine bourgeois bag and Herve Chapelier tote.

I wonder what the students will wear?

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13 Responses to Dressed to impress

  1. pretty face says:

    I am chuckling slightly at the thought of an interviewer (mock or real) considering the impression they give to an interviewee.

    I especially love your first outfit and the bags, oh the bags <3

  2. enc says:

    My guess is that they’ll be so casual, you’ll be wondering if they missed the “dress a bit smart” text.

  3. Winnie says:

    I haven’t been to an interview in so long! Love your choice of outfit!

  4. Karate Boogaloo says:

    Ok, Rollergirl – the Caledonia Dreaming clips are up! Thanks for the comment & reminder.


  5. WendyB says:

    Cute stripes.

  6. On Track says:

    I love your choice, I think you have picked perfectly.

  7. susie_bubble says:

    You have the upper hand as the interviewer….the interviewee will probably be too nervous to even notice what the interviewer is wearing….
    Love the tote and Celine bag combo…

  8. Rachie-Pie says:

    how strange I also have a problem of finding a ‘Smart’ outfit for my work experience which i blogged about! hehehe!ahhh the joys.

  9. Make Do & Mend says:

    Tres gauche bonne chance!

  10. Make Do & Mend says:

    Tres gauche bonne chance!

  11. Make Do & Mend says:

    Tres gauche bonne chance!

  12. Make Do & Mend says:

    Tres gauche bonne chance!

  13. Paris says:

    Oh my goodness, as a an interviewee hopeful student, It had never before crossed my mind that the interviewer is carefully picking their outfit too. I like your options, they say professional yet friendly and approachable : )


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