Drawing inspiration

This isn’t an interiors blog but twice in three months I’ve seen hand-drawn illustrations on wooden screens*. First at the Acne shop opening at Liberty and this week, set-designer-slash-artist Gary Card took his colouring pencils to a live draw-in window installation at Stella McCartney’s Bruton Street shop. Could this be a new trend-in-the-making?

*OK, the Gary Card drawings are actually on wardrobes but they look pretty, no?

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6 Responses to Drawing inspiration

  1. Mavis says:

    yes! they are pretty!

  2. the fashion assistant says:

    not a great fan of pencil drawing but his stuff are great. Hmmm time to dig out my chalk pastels and canvas…..

  3. Dressed and Pressed says:

    Love the delicate lines and the colours. Would love to see some of those printed on apparel. I think they’d make for a pretty and unusual summer dress fr’instance.

  4. susie_bubble says:

    I love his work…. he’s also very polite and dapper in person!

  5. skinnyGLASSESgirl says:

    THAT’S AWESOME! I’d like to see more work like this, it’s more personal.

  6. Jaiden_James says:

    love gary card

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