Dr Martens First & Forever campaign

Here’s a good example of a branded campaign where everything fits. Dr Martens (whose shoes have really hit their stride in recent seasons) came up with the First And Forever idea, playing on a sense of youthful nostalgia that marries fashion, music, romance and some beautiful imagery. Integrated creative agency ODD cast Agyness Deyn and Ash Styment in the AW11 campaign. The stills were shot by celebrated music portrait photographer Gavin Watson while the¬†two-minute campaign film (the first in a three-part campaign) was shot by director duo Nick & Fred.

Agyness Deyn narrates the film (unscripted and in practically one take), talking about her first heatbreak and it’s perfectly done – raw, compelling and bittersweet. You’ll want to watch it twice.

The stills too are so spot on. The magic is all in the lighting, casting and styling – I just love the coordination of plaids in the lining of Ash’s jacket and the old school bus upholstery…

Accompanying the shoots is a microsite that drives home the First & Forever concept. Users can share their ‘firsts’ – their first pair of DMs, their first festival etc – on a live feed and also plot the location of their ‘first’ on a social map (alas, no facility to upload pictures a la Historypin, but I guess that could come later). Being a cult brand bound up in music and youth culture, Dr Martens has a strong connection to its customers. As the live feed proves, Dr Martens fans do remember their first time and the feeling and nostalgia stays with them…

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