Delvaux luxury handbags arrive at Selfridges

New in at Selfridges this month, the arrival of Belgian handbag brand, Delvaux. The oldest fine leather luxury house in the world (est 1829), Delvaux’ stealth-luxe bags slot neatly into the space between bourgeois heritage and modern minimalism. My kind of bag through and through. While there are some softer, slouchy totes in the range, Selfridges has focused on the more traditional shapes, giving some a new twist with exclusive two-tone colourways.

Striking a balance between traditional and new isn’t easy. Christina Zeller, Delvaux’ director of product, communications and advertising told me, “we don’t want to be the latest but we don’t want to become too establishment and boring. We have an obligation to be contemporary.” So there are subtle upgrades in proportion, detail and materials. But there’s still an expensive timelessness to the most polished bags – the Kelly-like Brillant, the boxy Madame (my favourite) and the Tempête. “Some people think timeless equals boring but I’m sensing a shift. People are becoming tired of ‘fashion’,” said Zeller. “Our products are expensive not because of fashion but because of how they’re made. There are 65 pieces stitched piece by piece and they’re as beautiful inside and out.”

At £1,760 to £9,565 these are ‘forever’ bags, so I find myself drawn more to the classic monotone styles than Selfridges’ colourblock Brillants. But all the colors can be found online as well as in store…

Delvaux Madame

Delvaux Brillant two-tone

Delvaux Brillant taupe

Delvaux Tempête

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3 Responses to Delvaux luxury handbags arrive at Selfridges

  1. Oh wow – classy. I like the satchel style best.

  2. Lola says:

    The top bag has a great shape and just from the pictures, I can tell that it is incredbily good quailty, I love the black with the bits of red peeping through. I have taken my shopping approach to a new level, I want to limit the amount of money I spend on highstreet where I only get a few wears and try investing into good quality pieces, these bags are a perfect example of investment pieces

  3. Liz says:

    Wow. That first black bag looks like an investment worth making–thanks for sharing!

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