Guest post: Mr DRG on Dehen Varsity jackets

Mr DRG spends even more time browsing shopping sites than me, so I occasionally ask him to write about his menswear finds. Here’s what he has to say about Dehen jackets…

Well… a home-run scored by Coggles, which is the only UK stockist of Dehen jackets.

As with most things in life, authenticity is key, and when it comes to Varsity (AKA Letterman) jackets, the Oregon brand has it in spades. Dehen has been producing top-drawer American college sports clothing for the best part of a century and its entire range is right on the money. Coggles stocks four of the classic wool jackets with contrasting cowhide arms, the green and yellow one (above) being exclusive to them, and also a couple of the handsome cardigans.

They’re not cheap, and I know that ‘investment purchase’ is a phrase often bandied about, but you’ll be measuring the lifespan of these in decades rather than seasons. Here’s hoping that Coggles broadens it’s range.

All jackets, Dehen at Coggles

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One Response to Guest post: Mr DRG on Dehen Varsity jackets

  1. 00O00 says:

    Great read! Mr DRG sounds like he knows his stuff! He so should take over this blog completely. I don’t really understand Ms DRG sometimes…

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