Crash! Bang! Wallop!

It was all going so well. I nabbed a front row seat at Meadham Kirchhoff (no ticket but ran in looking harrassed, folder in hand, just as the show was starting – always works a treat) and alternated between ogling the models’ jewelled Manolos and Kate Lanphear’s gold Dior boots. Show finished, we started traipsing out and then…Crash! What was that noise? Only a V V VIP high up at the British Fashion Council, toppling theatrically from her vertiginous heels in full view of everyone. OMG, we didn’t know where to look! What does one do? Ignore it to protect her dignity? Laugh? Help her up? Seems like the trend for taking a tumble is already picking up speed and filtering down to the masses. Who will be next?

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6 Responses to Crash! Bang! Wallop!

  1. Georgie said says:

    I don’t think I could help but laugh if I was to see that.

  2. atelier says:

    are those shoes Manolos??? :S, I can’t believe they fell down if they were…

    I wouldn’t know what to do, it’s a difficult situation!!

  3. Hapsical Blog says:

    Haha, cheeky, front row seat as well! – did you already have access to the tent area for the exhib or did you manage to dash in past security from the street?!

  4. Rollergirl says:

    No Hapsical, I didn’t just come in off the street, I’m not THAT jammy. I had most of the LFW tickets just not that one.

    Atelier, that’s not a pic of the VIP, it’s a pic of a model at NY fashion week. Read the post again :)

  5. Hapsical Blog says:

    Oh don’t take it the wrong way, I’d actually have been very impressed if you’d managed that! Sounds like you were at far more shows than i was anyway :)

  6. Natty says:

    HA HA HA HA HA. I would of laughed my 5 inch Louboutin’s off

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