Cos launches online

Cos has finally launched online, meaning all you non big-city dwellers can now see what all the fuss is about. As modern minimalist as the products and stores, the online operation is stripped right back to basics. Here’s a few things that tickle my fancy…

Elastic cuff silk shirt, 79 euros (hmm, how do I find the euro symbol on my Mac? Why are the prices in euros?)

Lace triangle bra, 25 euros

Chunky jumper, 59 euros

Striped coat, 190 euros

Scuba sweatshirt, 59 euros

Ribbed cotton socks, 9 euros

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8 Responses to Cos launches online

  1. melissa says:

    The euro symbol is alt-2 on my Mac keyboard. Or you can always use (without the hyphens) &-e-u-r-o-; if you’re displaying on a website… :)

    I’m just happy to get more sources of inspiration for stuff to sew myself. My silk blouses cost me about £15 and an afternoon. :D

  2. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Ah thank you Melissa! Not often I need to use the euro key, hope I can remember for next time

  3. Now this is exciting – not sure about that lace bra though!

  4. Joana says:

    I was wondering what is the origin of this brand. Do you know? I haven’t managed to find anything about it.

  5. Rowena says:

    yay – I was hoping they’d go online one day….woohoo

  6. Disneyrollergirl says:

    TNMA, the lace bra is good for all my silk shirts which are far too sheer for my liking…

    Hi Joana, it’s Swedish, owned by the same company as H&M

  7. Kit says:

    Oooo I do love the lace bra, would look great over a contrasted vest top or cropped top….maybe?

  8. Lola says:

    FI-NA-LLY! I have been waiting for this to happen forever! X

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