Colourful cuts from Victorinox

As a lover of paper, cutting shit out and cutesy knick knacks, I’m all over this Victorinox Tomo Swiss Army knife (that was sent as a gift – thank you!). A collaboration between the classic knife brand and Japanese designer, Kazuma Yamaguchi, the Victorinox Tomo comes in a rainbow of colours and weighs literally nothing.

In my package was a Rob Ryan stencil and special Japanese stencil paper but I think the best thing is this accompanying video – inspirational, no?

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5 Responses to Colourful cuts from Victorinox

  1. pixelhazard says:

    I’ve always found this amazing but lack the talent or the patience I think

    Bright Green Laces

  2. Lola says:

    LOVE stuff like this too~! When I was a kid all I would do is watch Art attack on repeat and try to recreate things myself X

  3. picolin says:

    I’ve visited Victorinox’s website and found out Mr. Yamaguchi is at ABITAX, respected Japanese design house/product company. I really love their items such as a tiny torch for key fob.
    Then this become the first on my wish list for my birthday/Christmas… god sake.

  4. Tori says:

    This guy inspires me so so much. Saw one of his shows in London earlier on in the year and was blown away by the sheer intricacy and love that went into each piece of work. They were big in scale also!
    Happy paper cutting! I’m sure that knife will be amazing, please do a review! :)
    Tori xo

  5. Rachel says:

    So amazing. Love doing stuff like this but …yeah, mine doesn’t turn out anywhere near his ;) Still, I have fun trying.

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