Coffee and cones

When I first happened upon the revamped Fortnum & Mason store in Piccadilly, I practically recoiled in shock. What had they done? In their effort to modernise, all the character had been sapped out of the poor shop. A few months on and I decided to give it a second chance. To my surprise I discovered a gem. Parlour Restaurant on the first floor is a darling little ice-cream parlour, designed by David Collins (Madonna’s decorator no less) and decked out American diner style with a 50s Italian twist. The pistachio-green chairs work beautifully with the fondant-coloured crockery and floor-tiles, while neopolitan-hued lampshades coordinate very nicely indeed. But it’s not just about the decor. There is a choice of fabulous ice-cream sundaes including a few alcoholic ones and great attention is paid to presentation. My favourite touch? The mini-sized ice-cream cones served with the capuccinos in their own little holder! Absolutely adorable.

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4 Responses to Coffee and cones

  1. Kiera says:

    Mmmm… looks good! I love love love little cafes! They make life so sweet.

    Fun post! :)


  2. Ondo Lady says:

    Sounds like my kind of place.

  3. Bon Vivant says:

    That looks absolutely delicious. What I wouldn’t give to be back in Europe…

  4. hebden says:

    I’m curious, what does The Fountain restaurant look like now? I remember going as a small child and it actually looked like a classic soda shop (at least in memory)…then it got re-done to have an airport/nursing home/hotel restaurant vibe…so I’m hoping maybe they’ve given it a decent facelift…

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