Coca Cola: The book

Just what is it about Coca-Cola that has made it the most iconic drinks brand in the world? Who knows but like so many others, I’m hooked. To celebrate Coke’s 125 year anniversary, there’s a whole load of stuff going on, including a virtual archive, an iPad app and Assouline’s new Coca Cola book. Launching next month, the lavish coffee table book features a decade-by-decade look at some of the best Coca Cola imagery in advertising, social history and pop culture. Who else is loving JFK with a Coke by his side?

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3 Responses to Coca Cola: The book

  1. Chuck says:

    Love the JFK picture! I wonder if they sneakily sponsored him? If not they must have been chuffed with that.

  2. lOOKS LIKE A COLLECTORS iTEM FOR SURE, SO MUCH COCA COla love going on this year, lots of D&G fall t-shirts and jumpers had coca cola emblazoned across them. Now who knows if coca cola paid for that or if D&G bought the copyright, hmmm…. Either way they both profit from it

  3. MrJeffery says:

    looks cool. love the photos.

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