Clique’s interactive print-to-mobile magazine launches – with exclusive Katie Eary product

Has anyone quite nailed the ‘shop-from-the-printed-page’ experience that publishers are currently obsessed with? So far we’ve seen a few attempts, with Harper’s Bazaar US and Look magazine employing Blippar technology to bring existing magazine content to life – while hopefully generating extra revenue.

New to the space is Clique, a free print magazine mailed to its target audience, with every item shoppable, sharable and watchable by smartphone. The reader’s experience is personalised with a ‘virtual handbag’ (basically a digital profile) that can be synced from print to mobile. Brands can also access the virtual handbags to mine customer shopping habits and offer targeted product or incentives to the readers. And they’re a captive audience – readers have been pre-selected to fit the 21-45 demographic of ‘affluent, tech-savvy’ fashion and beauty lovers. (If you’ve not been pre-selected, you can sign up on the Clique website.)

Launching on Monday, Clique is backed by data marketing company Optima Value Group with an editorial team headed up by former Look associate editor Jill Wanless. In keeping with its hi-lo approach, Clique has enlisted designer Katie Eary to work her print magic on an exclusive trio of affordable product to celebrate the launch. Using her signature bold animal-print, she has produced a T-shirt (£35) available at and an iPhone 5/5s cover (£19.99) and iPad cover (£29.99) which will be available online and in store from Phone4u from 25th November.

What are your thoughts on print-to-mobile media? I still find the concept of hovering a phone over paper a bit awkward, but it feels like more publishers are doing this.

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One Response to Clique’s interactive print-to-mobile magazine launches – with exclusive Katie Eary product

  1. I like the idea but I wish someone would just cut out the middle man and make a decent magazine that’s purely iPad/online.

    No one wants to hover their phone over a print magazine if we’re being honest, right?

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