Claire’s embraces haul vloggers

Clever Claire’s has tapped into the haul vlogger trend with a shiny new website. One of the first fashion brands to┬áharness the power of haul vloggers, the Claire’s team trawled the streets of America scouting for girls to video blog for the site. The strangely addictive Youtube craze whereby teen girls hit the malls then upload a ‘shop and tell’ video blog is a perfect fit for a youth-focused brand like Claire’s. The retailer’s three brand ambassadors blog and vlog on its site, (hopefully) building a cult following and doling out tips and advice to current and future customers. There’s also a chance for wannabe vloggers to nominate themselves as a future ‘Claire’s Curator’.

It makes total sense to me for retailers to engage with their customers by inviting them to say nice things about their products on their sites (I’m guessing these teens are paid, if not in cold, hard cash, then surely in clothes). Customers trust the opinion of other consumers and especially when the gushing comes in the form of an authentic, home-made looking video. It also doesn’t hurt that the products being raved about are also featured alongside the blog posts to instantly click and buy.

As young consumers┬átire of celebrities, it seems likely that a new type of ‘blog star’ might take over. The benefit of haul vlogging – a bit like QVC – is it brings the personality closer to the consumer, allowing for a more engaging user experience. With the news that Forever 21 is about to land in the UK, I wonder when we’ll start to see UK youth retailers utilising haul tactics on their websites.

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3 Responses to Claire’s embraces haul vloggers

  1. Style Eyes says:

    Love this idea. There is so much exciting stuff going on with fashion, social media and marketing at the moment.

  2. Madame G says:

    What a fantastic idea – and great fun. I love the idea of interactive shopping. My husband is nvere keen to listen to me waffle on about my swag of goodies from primark, but maybe, just maybe, there would be someone out there that would.
    Surely it's not just for the kiddies?? I'm turning 30 this year and I want a shot!

    MG x

  3. Rollergirl says:

    Madame G, def not just for kiddies, you can easily do it. Just set up a Youtube channel!!

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