Ciao for now

PS: No word from me for a week because I’m off to Ibiza for a week of sun, sea and spinning around in a disco frenzy. Don’t talk about me when I’m gone…

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12 Responses to Ciao for now

  1. alexgirl says:

    arghhh! i’m so jealous. have a fabulous time. I’ve always wanted to go there and just party it up.
    and I love your fashion predictions. Awesome.

  2. discothequechic says:


    Bring us back snaps!

    S xx

  3. Petitcherie says:

    Have a fabulous time in Ibiza!

  4. coco says:

    have a great time
    so lucky

  5. Overpriced Designer Man Bag says:

    I hope you have fun!!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    everyone seems to be on vacation right now;)

  7. Sunday says:

    Well I hope that is Vogue’s excuse! if not, shame on them!

    Have fun in Ibiza!

  8. Susana says:

    wow have fun :)

  9. Moose on the Loose says:

    have fun!

  10. The Stiletto Effect says:

    have fun

  11. Mrs Fashion says:

    Hello, glad you’re back!
    Mrs F x

  12. alexgirl says:

    So are you back? I can’t wait to hear about your awesome trip! Post some pics!! And thanks for your comment on my blog. Your BF sounds hilarious. Hope you like Back Talk (my book!)

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