Charity tees? No thanks

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve never met a charity T-shirt that I liked. Well actually, I lie, there was this Stella McCartney one for Comic Relief, on which she slapped a red nose on Herb Ritts’ already-iconic Madonna photo. But the rest, no thanks. So sue me.

Thankfully, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer has taken a different approach this year and hooked up with ten fashion retailers to each create a bespoke black and white piece. The money goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and you get an item that you like, that doesn’t have a wear-by date and is thus a moneymaker for charity and sustainable too. The range launches tomorrow so if any of these tickle your fancy, feel free to shop…




Now I’m curious, does anyone still wear their charity tees?

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15 Responses to Charity tees? No thanks

  1. Olivia Isabella. says:

    Have bought my fair share of charity tees – but they all are just worn in bed :)
    I have just started making my own charity jackets :)
    you can see them here…
    x x x x

  2. Glowing Doll says:

    You're right about charity tees. I do like these items though. Maybe sticking to a simple pallet and offering a variety of items is the right way to go rather then having T-shirts that nobody can wear.

    I guess people do wear them but maybe just in the garden or to bed.

  3. Make Do Style says:

    I bought petit garcon the Morcambe and Wise one but that is it.

  4. That's Not My Age says:

    I've never owned a charity tee – is that a terrible thing or does it mean I'm incredibly stylish?

  5. pretty face says:

    Yes, for working out and sleeping! Haha. I certainly couldn't do any of those activities in one of those dresses.

  6. Beautiful Things says:

    You're right! I use old charity T shirts for doing the housework in.

  7. Jen says:

    No charity tees in my wardrobe! I do rather like that gorgeous one shouldered dress – what a great way to donate to a worthy cause!

  8. coco says:

    The Madonna tee is the only charity piece I ever wear. Gotta love Madge. Are you going to their launch tomorrow night? xxx

  9. kirstyb says:

    wow that black dress is gorge xxxx

  10. Mimi-V says:

    I love this idea, charity tee's will finally become a thing of the past (hopefully) xx

  11. M says:

    This idea seems a much smarter way to apeal to the wallets of patrons, my charity tees usually end up as rags…maybe for an in-house workout

  12. WendyB says:

    Yep, this is how I do it.

  13. Bumpkin Betty says:

    YES!! I have that exact Maddonna/ Stella T of which you speak of… and even though it is a year old now I still wear it all the time! I Love it!

  14. All Women Stalker says:

    Those are really stylish and classy charity items. Way better than the usual tees sold.

  15. Zara_K says:

    Sorry to against the grain here but I tend to disagree, there are some great charity tee's out there, they just need a little customisation thats all! take these Enviromental Justice Foundation collection

    although saying that I did chop up my Stella/madonna one too much and it is now only fit for night-wear or a stripper?!

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