Channelling Coco

Found this Meridien Breton shirt on the Brittany Boutique website.

“Meridien, genuine heavy duty traditional Breton fishing shirt. It is a a unisex long sleeves fishing shirt, a striped fishing shirt, part of a full nautical sailing and yachting clothing line from Brittany France. All French fishing shirts were working items. Meridien fishing shirt is a heavy cotton long sleeves sailor shirt used to be worn at sea aboard fishing boats. Other light weight sailor shirts, such as levant sailor t shirt and minquiers long sleeves fishing shirt, made out of a very fine cotton were worn on summer days and sundays.”

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5 Responses to Channelling Coco

  1. indigo16 says:

    A BIG than you for this website. I have real passion for these tops and apart from a small shop near St Christophers Place I have never been able to find the womens sizes big enough for me. I gave Emin my last one (mans) which I bought when I was pregnant with Daisy, it is now 17 years old it and looks lovely, just too big for me now.

  2. previouslyinaudible says:

    This is an amazing find! I really appreciate finding a true authentic vintage item- that’s really unique. So many items now are just cheap replications. Nice shirt! For a more on fashion and boho inspired life go here:

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Just what I’ve been looking for since the last one fell apart 20 years ago!

  4. SCISI says:

    gosh i l love these but its so had to find the perfect one. i tjink the ones with thinner blue lines look better personally, with sleeves that arent too long and fit around the wrist.i hate it when long sleved tops go suggy at the wrist.
    this is a beautiful one:)

  5. blue says:

    ooh….. i love a breton x

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