Wearables, schmarables, just give me Chanel!

Wearables, shmarables… If you ask me we’re a long way from the point where wearable technology is truly useful and can’t-live-without. Until then I’ll stick with the traditional fash-tech accessory. ..mostly those inspired by or made by Chanel.

Let’s be honest, no one lusts after Chanel’s RTW the way they perve over the accessories. The bags (even ludicrous hula-hoop ones), the sock-shoes, the trainers (I’m still getting asked about these)… And then there are the beauty products which are accessories in their own right. I mean, which other brand produces such hotly anticipated collectables?

My current infatuation encompasses all of the above. I’m a recent convert to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 club and as such cannot bear to be parted from my gadget. So I need a) an impossible-to-lose eye-catching cover and b) something to carry it in. Yes the Chanel phone-case-on-a-strap is going to have to be my version of wearable tech for now. Question is, do I go for the fake-but-cheap (and ubiquitous) nail polish case, the equally fake ‘perfume bottle’ or the utterly kwai but genuine Chanel pochette-necklace? Thoughts please…

UPDATE: OK further to the above, I swung by the Chanel store in South Kensington yesterday to see if the phone pouches were in. Answer: not yet but there’s a waiting list. (Although he said department stores would be more likely to have stock, as did a helpful commenter on Instagram). And they’re £900. Oh.

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3 Responses to Wearables, schmarables, just give me Chanel!

  1. Great post! I couldn’t agree more! Wearables have a long way to go before they are common place.

    I THINK I saw a guy wearing Google glasses on the tube but I can’t be certain because I’ve never seen anyone wear them before. Whatever he was wearing just looked odd. He looked like he should be analysing something in a laboratory.

    Personally I don’t want to be connected and switched on all the time. It’s bad enough with smart phones.

    • Disneyrollergirl says:

      Thanks Beautiful Things, I agree it’s crazy to be connected all the time. Everyone needs an off button at some point!

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