Chanel’s eye shadow for dummies

Chanel’s new Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow quartets (£40) have to be the most user-friendly eye palettes ever. Not only are the shades adaptable and flattering but the talc-free formulations are excellent. Plus each palette comes with a how-to booklet showing how to get the best results.

208 Tisse Gabrielle (below) is my favourite for its smoky-eye friendly grey-mauve, while 202 Tisse Camelia (bottom) has the best aubergine brown, and 232 Tisse Venitien (above) is a beautiful quartet of silver, pink, green and khaki.

In each palette you get two contrasting shades, an illuminator and an intensifier. They’re all apparently inspired by Chanel’s signature tweeds, the shadows blending together to mimic the magical woven effects of the tweeds. Only at Chanel, eh?!

208 Tisse Gabrielle

202 Tisse Camelia

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