Cavalli Countdown

Is anyone waiting with baited breath for tomorrow? Roberto Cavalli’s animal print fest is set to drop at H & M and I for one can’t make my mind up. From what I’ve seen it really is a jungle of flammable leopard print and clingy Lycra jersey but in amongst the horror is a gold pleated Oscar-worthy gown (£199) and a fake fur chubby (£49.99) for wannabe Siennas.

Animal print is really hard to get right. Call me a frump but the print itself is wild enough without adding sheer, clingy or mini to the mix. For me, leopard spots and tiger stripes work best downplayed in a casual slouchy tee, a pair of high-top trainers or skinny jeans in an early-80s post-punk statement. ‘Sexy’ animal print is just too obvious unless you’re rocking a vintage fur coat and throw it on over something scruffy and even then you need the face of an angel to pull it off. As for leopard-print bustiers, sheer cardigans and kick-flare pants, they’re strictly for the suburban slag contingent. And Nancy Dell’Olio.

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9 Responses to Cavalli Countdown

  1. Ondo Lady says:

    Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and Victor & Rolf were definately worth waiting for but from what I can see from the Cavelli collection there is nothing to get excited about. Well unless you like leopard, more leopard and more leopard.

  2. Allure says:

    I watched it this afternoon in the news, and it was crazy! People is mad.

  3. Carolyn Keene says:

    im not excited at all for cavalli.
    besides, i dont want to get trampled by everyone in order to find the one good piece in the collection, only to have it be snatched out of my hands!

  4. maria a. bogdanova says:

    it looks so good in all the ads. but the people that will be wearing this stuff are not going to be size zero models, but overweight ginas with fake eyebrows.

  5. Mrs Fashion says:

    “suburban slags”
    Love it!

  6. Diana @ So Fash'on says:

    too much animal print for me!

  7. Emma says:

    Animal print IS tricky, but some people just nail it.

  8. Libertygirl says:

    My darling – you are SO right! xxx

  9. Teresa says:

    Some people just go crazy for greasy italian fashion, sigh. Others just buy it to go straight to ebay; I mean this girl in the NY h&m rush saw Roberto Cavalli himself drop his cigar and she picked it up, proclaiming she was selling it on ebay when she went home if there were buyers. Crazy!

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