Roll on Spring

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Uniqlo are definitely pushing the Paninaro look judging from these posters at Oxford Circus station (above), not to mention the new Spring-Summer collection (below).

All these mouthwatering smoothie-coloured togs really do make me want to don some ankle-length jeans, Burlington socks, Sebago boating shoes and aviators, jump on a scooter and ride off into the nearest Pet Shop Boys video. Oh to be sixteen again…

Quote of the day

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“Uggs are worn all year and to every occasion. The most popular senior (I am a junior) even worn Uggs to Prom, which caused a big mess at the door as the dresscode was black tie but she somehow convinced everyone that she was cool enough to wear them.”
Sheesh. Commenter no 272 on this Uggs debate at

Saturday pictures

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This weekend I’m finally going to make it to the What Are You Like exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Just as well as it finishes next week. However, my timing’s actually pretty good as I’ll catch the Saul Steinberg exhibition as well – oh how I love a two-for-one deal! Steinberg was an American artist whose work was featured on the cover of The New Yorker. This retrospective features ‘collages and assemblages’ so I’ll be in cut-and paste heaven. So far though, I’m already loving this image:

Quote of the day

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“Our regular client was not queuing [for the sale] on January 3-4 in Milan or Rome but was on the slopes in St Moritz or on a boat in the Caribbean. If I lower the price of an evening gown from €7,000 to €5,000, or that of a couture collection bag from €2,300 to €1,700, it doesn’t change much.”
Versace CEO Giancarlo Di Risio

The good things in life still exist…

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The above is the strapline for the Manufactum website. Forget Netaporter and The Selby, this is how I like to while away my hours (OK, there is also the hopelessly-addictive Daily Mail website – the comments are priceless – but we won’t go into that). Olde worlde toiletries, hardwearing kitchenware, no-nonsense clothing, is it the iffy economy that finds one seeking refuge in these reassuringly made-to-last products or is it simply the fantastic, utilitarian design?

Coccoina glue

I wonder if this is what Peter Beard uses for his scrapbooks?

Flannel pyjamas

May be good for The Sartorialist …?


Totally channeling Jean Seberg via Alexa Chung

Aeroplane eau de toilette

I have no clue who calls a fragrance ‘Aeroplane’ but you just know it’s good by looking at it, no?

Clothes hanger with brush

A hanger-cum-clothes-brush? Insane!

moth traps

Seriously, if these work I’m buying shares in the company…

Computer cleaning brush

Why use a damp tissue when you can use a ‘computer cleaning brush’?

Sewing box
This sewing box actually gave me palpitations…and I loathe sewing. But for jewellery or make-up? Why, yes please!

No-trend dressing – part II

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While still pondering the concept of the ‘no-trend season‘, a little Googling threw up a gem. It seems we’ve been here before with this ‘no-trend’ business, eighteen years ago in fact. Amy Spindler debated the issue in this 1995 New York Times article. The bit that jumped out at me was a quote from Joan Kaner, the senior vice president and fashion director of Neiman Marcus. “The trend comes in and out every six months, and the customer is spending a lot of money on clothes she thinks will be obsolete in two or three months. She’s right to be angry.”

See? Fashion fatigue happened eighteen years ago too, this is a mere revival. Which proves alas, that today’s trend go-slow isn’t the sign of big changes I thought it was. Give it a season or two and we’ll be back to the must-haves and ‘It’ items that makes the fashion world go round. Individuality be damned, it is a business after all.

We love Sprouse

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This week’s Grazia has a feature on the new Louis Vuitton/Stephen Sprouse tribute range, showcasing some of the neon graffitied and rose-motif printed bags, clothes and accessories from the collection. My first thoughts? Crikey it’s garish! I must confess, I’ve always hankered for one of the original graffed-up wallets or pochettes but I just didn’t get there fast enough (nor could I justify the poundage at the time).

Having properly navigated the very chic, post-punk stylee website – – I can say it’s growing on me. I particularly like the videos that explain about Sprouse and about Marc Jacobs’ vision behind this offering. (Sprouse died a view years ago so Jacobs was channelling Sprouse’s vision with this collection.) Check out Debbie Harry’s contribution here.

To be completely honest, the only thing I’d consider buying from this range is the wallets or the Neverful bag, everything else is just too (oh dear) young for me!

I can see this scarf being the first to sell-out. Cue a Grazia DPS (magazine-speak for ‘double-page spread’) in a month or so showcasing all the sheep B-listers sporting it in their own ‘inimitable’ way.

Agyness Deyn would work this Neverful bag bashed up and teamed with Henry Holland’s holey jeans and an American Apparel hot-pink tee.

I can clearly see Vicky Beckham sporting this Speedy bag with a Dolce & Gabbana black shift, DVB dark shades and a grumpy grimace.

Paging Lindsay Lo! These have got your name (well not literally obviously) all over them.

The rose print is my least favourite but I can so see Vogue cover girl (grrr, Alex Schulman, what were you thinking?) Cheryl Cole giving it a whirl.

Over to you…what’s your take?


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Is it so wrong that I prefer the new SS09 Mulberry mens totes (utterly understated in luxe canvas/leather mixes) to the ladylike squashy Bayswater clutch?

Spring-Summer 2009: the no-trend season?

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Until today I hadn’t bought a magazine for over a week and the magazine-withdrawal side-effects was starting to get to me (damn you Grazia for doing a Christmas/New Year double issue and thus denying me my fix last Tuesday). So thank God I found the new Elle on the news-stand today, complete with its excellent Spring-Summer Runway Edit supplement mag.

The introduction acknowledges that this season is less focussed on new trends and more about updating classics and wearing them with things you already own. How refreshing. Much better than pretending that florals, stripes and boho for Spring are something new. The magazine itself continues with this theme. As the editor’s letter proclaims; “This is the ‘NO TREND’ season. There are some amazing pieces out there – forever pieces – but no significant big trends to follow.” Yay to that. If more magazines follow the lead of many a seasoned blogger and show readers how to be imaginitive and Use What They’ve Got instead of buying one-season-wonders and copying celebrity looks (snore), fashion will naturally progress to its next phase of creativity. One certainly hopes so anyway.

Computer Love

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I know the *insert R word here* is the biggest thing to happen to the western world since global warming but having to read references to it in every newspaper and magazine article I pick up is starting to grate. It’s boring! Inconspicuous consumption may be the new black but it will take me longer than a few months to shake myself out of the ‘I want that’ mindset that’s been ingrained in me ever since, well, birth. So even though I was fortunate enough to be gifted a new LG Netbook for Christmas, it’s not enough, I now need something for the poor darling to wear! I like a shopping challenge so the good thing is this will be something of a project, not simply a matter of walking into Selfridges and slapping down my Mastercard. What I don’t want is a bog standard laptop case. Ew no. I want something chic and sexy and possibly not even designed for the job. (E.G. my Panasonic Lumix lives in a Comme zippy purse not a camera case, it looks better and is a good disguise in places where Cameras Are Not Allowed.)

Enter the Goyard St Marie MM Pouchette ($830 in this month’s US Vogue). I slightly went off Goyard when Vicky Beckham discovered it but the good thing about this is it has double usage – computer case for work, clutch for play. How chiconomic!

[Pic: US Vogue]

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