Observer Woman – loving your work

Another ace effort from the monthly Observer Woman supplement. Love the wee piece on Susie Bubble (not bothering to link to La Bubble’s site. If you don’t know who she is there’s no hope!), Sarah Mower’s Marc Jacobs article and especially the Make Your Own Designer Outfit section. Yep, Observer Woman hooked up with Vivienne Westwood (How to make your own Viv dress), Paul Smith (how to customise a vintage shirt), Jade Jagger (fashion your own bracelets with a handful of safety pins and charms) and Martin Margiela (how to make a waistcoat out of…newspaper) – all very eco meets chiconomics!

Millinery madness: part II

Further to yesterday’s millinery post, I received this press release from Soren Bach’s PR. Talk about perfect timing!


Millinery: Created and Curated

An exhibition of millinery from MA Fashion Curation graduate Gemma Williams

4th – 6th February in the Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1.

This exhibition examines how hats relate to the body and how they engage with hair from a museological perspective.

The exhibition includes work by Yasmin Rivzi, J Smith Esquire, Søren Bach, Victoria Grant, Noel Stewart, Piers Atkinson, Louis Mariette, Flora McLean, Andrea Ayala, Dai Rees & Adele Mildred.

[Pic: Soren Bach hat by Amedeo M Turello]

Curiouser and curiouser

Ever since I created a Disneyrollergirl email address (it only took two years!), I have had a steady flow of emails from brands and designers proffering press releases. It’s strange as I prefer to discover things for myself rather than have them presented to me on a plate but I do take the time to check out all the websites to see if any gems await. Shopcurious.com is a newish website carrying ‘a range of unique accessories, unusual gifts, designer vintage items and pieces for wardrobe and home.’ Owner Susan Muncey used to run a lovely eclectic boutique called Fashion Gallery and has brought her discerning eye to the online shopping arena.

The vintage selection is a highlight, from extremely tempting Hermes classic scarves (£95 with box) and bourgeois Celine handbags to an array of opulent but well-priced kimonos (I have actually been seriously lusting a kimono recently). Plus, how now is this Genny dress from 1990? The pièce de résistance however is surely this Fiorucci Minnie Mouse sweatshirt. OMG, it’s so me!

Not everything is in the £100+ bracket. In the gift section I love this make-up bag with its mad illustration and kitsch lipstick pen (did I mention I collect kitsch pens?) and there is also a small selection of Bebaroque tights for those who like to lavish attention on their legs (and I know there are a number of you). All in all, I love the feel of this site, it really is like a curiosity shop – addictive and full of charm.