Beauty next: Romy Paris lets you customise your skincare like you customise your coffee

Romy Paris beauty concept - a bespoke Nespresso=type machine that makes beauty potions to order

Could Romy Paris be a beauty game changer? This curious coffee machine-like contraption works in a similar way to your counter-top Nespresso machine, but instead of dispensing a skinny latte it produces bespoke skincare concoctions.

It’s the brainchild of co-founders Morgan Acas and Thomas Dauxerre and I think the potential for the beauty industry is huge. Different active ingredients are contained in capsules that can be added to a base cream or serum as per your needs. It works with an app, so you fill in a questionnaire of your preferences and lifestyle, letting the app recommend suitable formulations. You feed the appropriate capsule into the device (it’s called a ‘figure’) and the ingredients are mixed with the base in less than ten seconds, delivering a 1ml dose of made-to-order serum or cream on a spatula. That’s the future of skincare right there!

There’s a lot of personalisation going on in fashion and beauty right now and I think the idea of playing lab technician is very appealing. Add to that, the capsules contain fresh ingredients with no preservatives – a boon for those who like to be informed about what’s in their products. I also like that there is little waste, you only use what you need.

The Romy Paris machines retail at €490 (including 3 months’ worth of treatment products) and can be pre-ordered now in time for Christmas. But long term is where I think it gets interesting, with scope for in-store machines, brand collaborations and the inevitable trickle-down to the high street.

Romy Paris beauty concept - a bespoke Nespresso=type machine that makes beauty potions to order

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl

LFW SS16 highlights: Day 4

Burberry Prorsum SS16 show at LFW

Clearly targeting a younger customer for Spring, Burberry Prorsum’s collection felt much cooler and ‘street’-er than this season’s haute bohemia. That meant an abundance of lightweight rain jackets shrugged over lace Friday night (or festival, perhaps) dresses and accessorised with monogrammed nylon rucksacks (the new monogrammed poncho) that you can order right now (click here to order). (more…)

LFW SS16 highlights: day 3

Margaret Howell ss16

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LFW SS16 Highlights: Day 1 and 2

Le Kilt ss16

Is there any point in doing daily LFW roundups in these days of Instagram coverage and watch-it-yourself Periscope shows? Hell, yes, if only for the reason that it reminds me of what I’ve seen when it comes to pitching to clients in six months three weeks time.

I’ll admit I’ve been easing into LFW slowly for the first two days, but I’ve already seen lots to whet my SS16 appetite. Happpily, I’m noticing a lot more colour and joy, bringing us out of the #liveclean minimalism we’ve experienced for so many seasons, into something more energetic.

Such as Le Kilt on Friday. I like what Sam McCoach does as a creative director. Her vision is believable and all-encompassing, from the casting to the venue and set design, to the music. (more…)