Jeepers creepers

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Love em, hate em, whatever, they’ll be around for a while. Brothel creepers that is. Joe Casely-Hayford has updated the cult John Moore boots for SS11, adding a small creeper sole to add an inch of height, while Prada’s SS11 chunky ‘flatform’ creeper-esque shoes tipped them into the mainstream. Continue reading

Dandy Girls

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[Runway images: Jason Wu AW11]

Reiss’s pieces

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Just before Christmas, Reiss asked me to take part in their guest stylist programme. They gave me free rein in their fashion cupboard (ie, the entire flagship store – whoop!) and let me dress my model in a mash-up of menswear and womenswear (and some of my own tat ‘archive’ bits). Reiss’s own Jonathan Weatherley shot the pictures in their studio, Sonia Bhogal did the make-up and I was thrilled with my model, Hirschy from Select. Don’t you love her intense eyebrows and Mean Girls stare?

Most of the clothes are sold out now or in the sale. The camel men’s coat is in the sale for £142 and it’s a really beautiful coat! The red shoes are by Underground shoes who incidentally just did the shoes for the Thierry Mugler menswear show

I was lucky to get Hirschy when I did as she jetted off home to Australia for the holidays the next day. But I did manage a quick fire Q&A with her first…
Favourite photographers?
Mert & Marcus, Camilla Akrans and Mario Sorrenti 

Favourite shoot?
A brilliant shoot I did with Tank magazine for Liberty – in a completely bizarre set with a load of random  props. It was like a crazy jungle!
Favourite designers?
Zimmermann for their vibrant coloured swimwear, Sass & Bide for their cut-out stuff and Acne for the shoes.
Can you recommend any Australian shops?
In Melbourne I like mostly vintage shops. I’ve bought heaps of stuff from Lion in Love on Brunswick Street – I still wear the little black wedges I bought there years ago.

Hirschy is with Select

Ines de la Fressange’s style guide

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I know everyone raves about Carine and Emmanuelle but I do love the classic, untampered-with style of Ines de la Fressange, don’t you? Yes? Well good because she’s just about to publish her book Parisian Chic: A Style Guide. From what I can gather, the book – which comes out in April – follows the standard prescriptive format of any style guide, minus the cringy Trinny & Susannah-type bad photography and styling. This book very sweetly features Ines modelling alongside her daughter Nine d’Urso de la Fressange (who I notice has a bit of the Natalie Portmans about her). Instead of badly lit studio shots, we have these paparazzi-meets-street-style snaps of mother and daughter in similar but different outfits to illustrate such wardrobe classics as the ‘mariniere‘, the trench coat, the white shirt and so on. Apparently the book also features Ines’ drawings, home and lifestyle tips and her Paris address book.

Ines and Nine in action… werk that hair, girls!




Nine d’Urso de la Fressange

While we’re on the subject, Ines’ Chanel ss11 campaign has finally dropped. If you get your magnifying glass out, you might *just* be able to make out Ines on the right of the picture below, gazing at Baptiste. No? Hmm, you’ll just have to take my word for it then…

UPDATED 5th April: OK, weirdly, the UK version of the book doesn’t have the Ines pictures, only the Nine ones but the book is still a brilliant buy if you want a fashion handbook that is a guide to Ines-like French style.
[Parisian Chic]

Quote of the day

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“Stylists are facilitators. They channel energy, they pick up on trends way before they happen on the catwalk. They’re the key people in the industry who have something to say.”
Caryn Franklin on Fashion Creator of the Year, Nicola Formichetti

From the fashion cupboard

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A selection of Cutler & Gross Vintage and ss11 sunglasses I called in for a shoot. I have four pairs of Cutler & Gross, the quality is excellent as they are all handmade. I’m seeing so much of these green and yellow ‘Marni colours’ at the ss11 press days – I love it!

Biker boy-girls

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Thanks to Kingdom of Style, I discovered the studding work of No Discount whose heavy-metalled biker jackets (above) are causing a flurry of excitement in the bloggersphere. While this season may be all about the aviator jacket, SS11 is set to be a season for biker grrrls or, more accurately, biker boy-girls if Burberry Prorsum and Balenciaga are anything to go by. Hopefully, we all have a biker jacket in our possession by now so it’s just a matter of restyling (although I do love the proportions of the Balenciaga one *sigh*)…

[Images - top to bottom:
No Discount
Boo George
Burberry Prorsum/
Alasdair McLellan
Tommy Ton
Burberry Prorsum/
Paris Vogue]

Cape-jacket watch #3

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As a stylist, I love watching how people wear clothes, as much as what they wear. A year ago, no-one was wearing their jacket cape-style, but now? Everyone! (And next season? Errr, probably no-one.)

[All images: The Sartorialist]

ASOS launches Marketplace

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Pioneering as ever, is poised to launch its brand new Marketplace just in time for the holiday season. A place where an individual can sell off their own unwanted fashion wares or a store can set up its online space, it’s a timely poke in the eye to Ebay and its increasingly unfriendly attitude to independent sellers. The only stipulation to individual sellers in the Marketplace is the merchandise must be photographed ‘street style’, so none of your dingy still life pics, these need to be styled on a human body, preferably in an interesting way in order to get the most exposure on the Asos site.

Taking its cue from sites like, Asos has tapped into the consumers’ desire for wearable styling ideas and personal context. Sellers are encouraged to shoot their pictures in photogenic scenarios to make them as ‘editorial’ looking as possible. The picture/item can be ‘liked’ which will place it highly in searches. The selling process is straightforward. A price is set and payment is made by Paypal with Asos taking 10% of the sale price.

A big draw of the Marketplace will be the ’boutique’ of vintage sellers. Selected vintage retailers can upload their logo and product (again, styled on people in situ) and merchandise their area as they see fit to make the space their own.

For designers and retailers, there is the opportunity to set up shop in the Marketplace. When the site launches (ETA mid-end November), Browns Focus and Faster by Mark Fast wil be among the first retailers/designers with a presence. “We want to help small businesses grow,” I was told by an Asos rep at the press day this morning. “This way we can build a platform that exposes small businesses to our vast database.”

On Chloe, YSL, styling mishaps and cross-branding

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Well, what a storm in a Café de Flore teacup about the use of a – shock horreurYSL belt in a Chloe fragrance ad. Did stylist Joe McKenna mischievously throw the skinny waist-cincher in the mix or was it an intern mix-up*? Personally I see nothing wrong with a bit of cross branding. When Ines de la Fressange agreed to walk the Chanel ss11 runway, rumour has it that it was with the proviso that she wore Roger Vivier shoes rather than Karl’s creations. Ditto the ad campaign. Likewise, J.Crew was recently in the news for directing website visitors to competing brands alongside its own merchandise.

I would like to see even more deliberate mixing up on the catwalk and in campaigns – say a Comme Des Garcons jacket with a pair of vintage Levi’s or a Ralph Lauren coat with Gap khakis. Why not, isn’t this how people dress now, rather than head to toe in one designer? I think it would show immense confidence for a brand to show its own designs styled with another’s, although still in keeping with its overall aesthetic. After all, almost every name designer of note has done a high-meets-low high street collaboration, isn’t this just a continuation of that idea?

*Oh yes, when in doubt, blame the intern!

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