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Quote of the day: Eva Chen

Evan Chen quote of the day on social media

“You do have to keep in mind that Instagram and social media is like the highlights reel of a life, and my message to teenagers is to always remember that what you’re seeing are the best bits (more…)

Quote of the day: Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger did NOT ride into Studio 54 on this white horse

“I often ask myself how people visualise this fable…Where was Mick during this time? Was he holding the reins and pulling me and the horse through the streets of New York, or following submissively behind me!?”
Bianca Jagger’s letter to the FT, putting the white horse myth (partially) to rest. (more…)

Quote of the day: Caroline Baker

Caroline Baker stylist

“The early 1980s was a lovely time. Punk had shaken everyone up, the Japanese taking over Paris was dynamic in terms of new looks and working with [Katharine] Hamnett was thrilling for me as she always pushed me to do more and more! I have always loved adding strings, ribbons, belts, torn strips of fabric, net and lace to my styling looks so I was in my element.”
Caroline Baker, Hope And Glitter

This quote is taken from a rather lovely interview with legendary stylist Caroline Baker on Iain R Webb’s blog, Hope & Glitter. I assisted Caroline years ago, and if I forgot to pack her bag of ribbons on a shoot there would be hell to pay!

Quote of the day: Maria Luisa Poumaillou

Quote of the day Maria Luisa Poumaillou . Photo by Garance Dore

“You’re only good at what you really love. So, be true to yourself. Be daring and keep a very open mind.”
RIP Maria Luisa Poumaillou, the legendary buyer and retailer who passed away this week, Business Of Fashion