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Quote of the day: Glenn O’Brien

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Glenn O'Brien

“I created the Style Guy, not GQ… Their proprietary attitude toward what I’ve done is not only insulting, but really unoriginal. They could have at least called their replacement the ‘Style Intern.’ ” (more…)

Quote of the day: Thomas Demand

Thomas Demand quote

“Art is not a clear identifiable message; it is not a given or­der such as “sit,” “stand,” or “look at me.” I don’t like to make work that tells you how it should be read. Art should be ambivalent, somehow. I don’t try to be a pamphlet.” (more…)

Quote of the day: Rony Zeidan on ‘see now, buy now’

Is the See Now Buy Now concept working?
“It’s very much a cultural difference. In America, it’s inherent for people to buy. Europeans are a bit more classic in their approaches. There’s a stronghold in Europe when it comes to remaining loyal to heritage and culture, and history.”
Rony Zeidan, founder of the agency RO NY on the ‘see now, buy now’ phenomenon, Glossy.co (so it’s not just me then…)

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
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Quote of the day: Guram Gvasalia

Vetements Maxfield pop up

“It’s all about growth and ‘growth’ is a such a dirty word to me. (more…)