Library Corner: Too Darn Soulful

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I’m in the thick of having a major clearout (I just chucked out ten years of Teen Vogues) so quite why I’m browsing new books I can’t tell you. But I just stumbled upon this little gem on sex, drugs and Northern Soul …

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After just one day in L.A. on my Lucozade adventure, I could totally get why the Brits are so taken with it. Cloudless skies on repeat and being driven everywhere – what’s not to love? It was decided to spend the morning at the Getty Centre – a place I had no idea existed. When I think of L.A. I think rollerskating, Hollywood blockbusters and Paris Hilton. Art, architecture and horticulture? Not so much. Continue reading

Paul Simonon looks hot in hats

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The New York Times has a feature on Borsalino hats, specifically the ones sported by Hasidic Jews. As D never tires of telling me, Borsalino is a brand, not a style but, whatever, I’m a fan. Continue reading

Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore and other Northern Soul news

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Artist Mark Leckey’s ‘Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore’ film, a mash-up of 70s, 80s and 90s disco and clubbing footage was created in 1999 and caused quite a stir. Its technique of splicing Northern Soul dancers with 80s casuals and 90s ravers, speeded up and on repeat is a compelling observation piece on the culture of clubbing and dancing. Continue reading

Brooke + Bubbles + Michael

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Smash Hits: blast from the past

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Smash Hits, December 25. 1980 - p.01

When Brian McCloskey visited his parents in Ireland the year before last, he boxed up his decades-old collection of Smash Hits magazines and shipped it back to California without having much of a plan in mind. Then he decided to scan every issue, upload onto a blog Continue reading

London fashion week AW11: Burberry Prorsum

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There were mixed mutterings pre-Burberry. Some say Burberry needs to switch things up, (“the shows are too long and repetitive”), while others insist Christopher Bailey is a genius. I was looking forward to as much of the marketing hoopla as the collection. Continue reading

Dandy Girls

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[Runway images: Jason Wu AW11]

Happy Birthday David Bowie

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What a magnificent picture!

And I love this video… anyone remember ‘duster coats’?

Lady Gaga x Polaroid: It’s time

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Last year there was much excitement at the news that Lady Gaga was collaborating with Polaroid. What would they create? Clothes? Cameras? Music? Well, the wait is nearly over and the results of ‘Grey Label’ will be unveiled on Thursday.

At 3.30pm PT, Gaga fans can watch the launch live from the Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas on where the countdown has already started…

Source: MTV

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