The Chanel Coco Crush fine jewellery store at Netaporter is open

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Chanel Coco Crush fine jewellery netaporter

The Chanel Coco Crush fine jewellery pop-up shop at Net-a-Porter has been open for one hour and already pieces are sold out. (So if you were thinking of splashing £13,500 on the 18-karat yellow gold cuff, sorry you weren’t quick enough). What you can still buy (at time of writing) are the five gold rings. In white gold or yellow gold, they have the signature Chanel ‘quilting’ effect and range from £1,400 to £2,325. You can buy them from the pop-up e-com shop until 6th May.

Click quickly now…

Coachella calling – but it’s not what you think

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Alexander Lewis Spring summer 15

When someone says ‘Coachella dressing’, I don’t think they quite picture Alexander Lewis’s refined cashmeres and expertly tailored blazers traipsing the plains. Well of course they don’t, but stay with me. Lewis specialises in ‘situation dressing’ and his situations tend to be rather creative. His SS15 has just arrived in store, an extension of his resort 15 collection where the situation was ‘My Grandmother on MDMA at Coachella’. Ahhh, all becomes clear right?

On the surface, Lewis is a relative newbie, but in reality he has been around the fashion biz for a while. Born in Chicago of Brazilian and American parents, educated in England and with his formative fashion years spent in New York, his career trajectory is an interesting one. For example, there were stints assisting Andre Leon Talley and learning the business of vintage with Cameron Silver at Decades. Then there was time spent at Harrods as a personal shopper, not to mention the years on Savile Row picking up crucial tailoring skills at E. Tautz and Norton & Sons. Now Lewis is a fixture on the fashion week circuit, pulling all his threads of  industry know-how and commercial nous into establishing his own brand.

Which brings me to his commercial strategy. “At E. Tautz I could see buyers spending 80 per cent of their budget on pre-collections so I decided to build the brand around that,” he told me on a recent studio visit. “There’s also a longer development process for designing pre-collections, you have more time.” Situation-wise, pre-collections lend themselves to the needs of frequent travellers and global customers which is another savvy observation. So Lewis has done things back to front, building sales on the lucrative pre-coll model, then accompanying it with mainline collections (rather than the other way round).

Tailoring is a trademark, as are innovative knits. Lewis loves fabric experimentation so develops fabrics in house (hence the price points). I was very drawn to the knits as well as the classic blouses and fluid silk tops which, as you’d expect, are impeccably cut. He also has a creative attitude to collaboration which I like, working with artists on what he calls ‘Artist Interventions.

For SS15 he called on the artist Celia Hempton (who I’m ashamed to say I only discovered recently in a conversation with another artist, Polly Morgan) to ‘intervene’ on his creative process. This involved handing her his research from which she produced an entirely new, and literally brilliant colour palette recalling scorching sunsets and desert greenery. He also collaborates with Manolo Blahnik on shoes and next season sees him working with Piers Atkinson on hats.

For now, the stockist list is compact but significant, with Barneys, Net-a-Porter, Avenue 32 and Alex Eagle all on board. And if you’re heading to Coachella, you could do worse that channel some Alexander Lewis spirit – althought you might want to leave Grandma at home.



Alexander-Lewis-SS15 2
Alexander-Lewis-SS15 4
Alexander-Lewis-SS15 5
Alexander-Lewis-SS15 6
Alexander-Lewis-SS15 7
Alexander-Lewis-SS15 8

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl


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Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands currently buzzing on my radar…


Chanel Coco Crush Netaporter fine jewellery

There’s more to last week’s news on Chanel planning to launch e-commerce. The big story this week is of a Net-a-Porter X Chanel digital pop-up that opens on Wednesday selling the new capsule fine jewellery line, Coco Crush. The simple shapes featuring Chanel’s signature quilting pattern in 18 carat gold will start at €1,970 for rings, going up to €19,000 for a cuff. What’s interesting (and clever) is that this lets Chanel dip a toe in the e-commerce waters with the help of the very best in the biz. Naturally, the Net-a-Porter social machine has kicked into gear with an Instagram #CrushonCOCO campaign already fuelling the hype. But another consideration is how this might change the fine jewellery retail landscape. Some think that fine jewellery is something you just don’t buy online, but others say it’s a growth area. We can but watch and wait…


Oliver Peoples X Byredo collaboration

I love a synergistic collab and here’s an unexpected one that works really well. Byredo and Oliver Peoples have teamed up to create fragrance and sunglasses inspired by the sights and sounds of Los Angeles. The story goes that a conversation about synesthesia (the condition in which people can smell sounds and colours) led to the idea to create a line of scents and frames which capture the sensations of the city. The result will be stocked at Barneys, Oliver Peoples and Byredo stores (heads up: Byredo NYC opens today!) followed by selected retailers in May.


Gucci Westman

The big buzz of the beauty bloggersphere is that Gucci Westman is leaving Revlon after seven years. Who will take over as artistic director and where will she go next?


Estee Lauder Uk launches The Estee Edit content hub

Estee Lauder’s editorial site has landed in the UK. The Estee Edit is part of the new which promises a personalized, omnichannel user experience. Content-wise, The Estee Edit isn’t necessarily ground breaking (it’s taking the Into The Gloss-style route of profiling lifestyle influencers), but where I think it excels is in taking the how-to element from vlogs and translating that into stylish, aspirational and shoppable content. The videos are also beautifully produced and very watchable.


Agnes B Armor Lux collaboration
It’s Breton top season so here’s a timely collab to get involved with. Armor Lux and Deauville have invited agnès b to be their guest designer for the 2015 summer collection. The capsule collection includes multi-coloured Breton tees and plain jersey polos, made specially for agnès b in the Armor Lux factories in Brittany. The collection will be sold in Armor Lux points of sale, as well as in a selection of agnès b stores.

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl

Guest post: H&M’s sustainability drive

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Conscious Exclusive H&M 2015

Retail expert and DRG contributor ALISON BISHOP attends the launch of H&M’s latest sustainability report and its new Conscious Exclusive collection

H&M is really upping its sustainability messaging at the moment. Last Thursday the Swedish fashion giant held its first live-streamed press conference to launch its most recent sustainability report. Rather than the usual bland technical processes stuff, I saw just how H&M is innovating and striving for real change in the fast fashion cycle.

The online report is easily digestible with video and infographic highlights showing key innovations, such as recycling old denim to create reconstituted fabrics for brand new ‘closed-loop’ jeans; or partnering with plastic bottle recycling companies to make pearl and surface embellishments from both pre- and post consumer waste products.

All this corresponds with H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection, a limited run range that drops in-store and online on 16 April. There’s a luxe, contemporary feel to the unashamedly sustainably produced collection with handcrafted prints, elegant ruffles, kimono-style tailoring and structured draping. The fabrics created through smarter manufacturing processes are what allow H&M to experiment with different, more premium looks (that keep finding their way onto the red carpet too).

But H&M needs to produce these collections on a much larger scale and eventually close the loop on fashion, according to Hanna Hallin, H&M’s social sustainability manager.  She wants everyone to use the recycle bins for unwanted clothes in-stores, and to tell their friends that “sustainability can be cool – it’s the meaningful thing to do for the next generation”.

Here’s a quick preview of the H&M Conscious Exclusive collection before it hits next week. On my wish list are the black macrame stitch warrior blouse, the kimono style halter-neck jumpsuit and the organic hemp jacquard draped shift dress. Are we witnessing a new era of consumer-generated sustainably produced designer collaborations at H&M?

H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection 2015

H&M conscious collection 2015


H&M Conscious Exclusive collection 2015

H&M Conscious Collection 2015


Follow ALISON BISHOP on Twitter, read her previous guest posts on Disneyrollergirl and discover more of her retail insights on her blog, The Retail Planner.

Buy it now: Dodie Thayer X Tory Burch launch lettuce ware

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Dodie Thayer Tory Burch lettuce ware

Here’s a really fab and unexpected collaboration to make your mouth water: Tory Burch has reproduced Dodie Thayer’s cult ‘lettuce ware‘ ceramics. Popular with society greats including the Duchess of Windsor, C. Z. Guest and Brooke Astor, the original letuce-leaf inspired pieces were a regular sighting on Palm Beach dining tables of the 1960s. (Astor’s 218-piece collection, including 41 dinner plates, 15 butter pads and six peppershakers, was sold by Sotheby’s for $75,500).

My favourite from the Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch line is the cup and saucer which comes in a set of two for £110. Buy it here

Dodie Thayer Tory Burch lettuce ware 2
Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch lettuce ware cup and saucer set of two
Dodie Thayer Tory Burch lettuce ware 6
Dodie Thayer Tory Burch lettuce ware 4
Dodie Thayer Tory Burch lettuce ware 5


WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl

Perfect pairing: Levi’s 501s and fancy flats

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levis 501 Repetto

Stretchy skinny jeans are out and old school boy-cut Levi’s 501s are back in a big way, if my Pinterest feed is anything to go by. I wear my 501s with as few rips as possible and I get them custom hemmed at the Levi’s store to sit just on the ankle bone. Spring feels like the right time to switch my heavy-soled Church’s lace ups for my balletic Repettos with gamine ankle ties. On top I’m thinking puff sleeved Victorian blouses or something similar from MIH jeans, Chloe or Margaret Howell.

Repettos are best worn sans socks, but then there are the many options of fancy flats cropping up everywhere which look great with fine gauge Falke socks or fluffy cashmere equivalents. My favourites are pancake flat with a pointy toe and an ankle strap or T-bar.

Miu Miu, Tabitha Simmons and Bionda Castana are on my fantasy wish list, the more bejewelled the better. Shop the edit below…

WORDS AND IMAGE: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl


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Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands currently buzzing on my radar…


Christopher Kane X NARS NEONEUTRAL

First look at Christopher Kane for NARS and it’s suitably punchy. Big on neon-y pinks, the ten-piece ‘NEONEUTRAL’ collection is aimed at the fearless fashion-forward girl although there are some wearable nudes and corals in the mix. It lands on counter 15th April. Continue reading

Gentlewoman style: Uniform Wares launches the C40 watch

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Uniform Wares C40 watch

How handsome are these new C40 watches from Uniform Wares? I’ve been trying out a ‘smart watch’ recently and I can’t help thinking that an electronic device will never replace a classic watch in my world. These unisex watches are the latest addition to the Uniform Wares Swiss-made stable. Continue reading

Buy it now: Karl Lagerfeld X Maison Michel

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Kendall hat by Karl Lagerfeld for Maison Michel

I’m surprised how much I love these hats by Karl Lagerfeld for Maison Michel. Each named after one of his celebrity model coterie (there’s Kendall, Poppy, Anja, Karlie and Cara), the shapes are classic Maison Michels, with added flourishes by Karl. Continue reading


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Here’s the latest weekly DRG STYLE INDEX ranking, a round-up of the brands currently buzzing on my radar…


Netaporter-Amazon-Natalie Massenet

The big news story of the week was the one that reported Amazon is in talks to buy Net-a-Porter. As Amazon has been desperate to carve a slice of the high end e-commerce pie for, well, ever, this is an interesting move. Business of Fashion has the best analysis*. (*Drat, BOF is down for maintenance! Forbes has the story here, with an update saying Amazon denies the talks…) Continue reading

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