Carven calling

Like every other fashion Francophile, I find myself fighting to resist the discreet charms of Carven ready-to-wear. The recently revived old school couture label – now designed by Guillaume Henry – has a similar but girlier (and less expensive) luxe aesthetic to Celine. In short it’s all about the cut and the fabrics which is fine by me. At Sefton, the line sells like there’s no tomorrow. As womenswear manager and buyer Tina Patel told me, “Carven has been our best seller. Women like the fact it is so beautifully constructed with slight twists but still classic enough to keep in the wardrobe for seasons to come”.

I’m still holding my breath for the elusive AW10 silk collar (someone must have some stock dammit) but failing that, SS11 is looking rather promising don’t you think?

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8 Responses to Carven calling

  1. "this fashion lark." says:

    Those shoes are calling out to me!

  2. says:

    come visit me at Feathers! We have lots of amazing Carven coming in soon (inculding the shoes)

  3. Mademoiselle Robot says:

    Francophile you say? *sits on lap* *bats eyelashes*

    I LOVE this collection.

  4. Chuck says:

    Girlier than anything I'd normallt wear but so irresistable!

  5. fashion raccoon says:

    Love those shoes and that short jumpsuit! Wrote about Carven here and have been hunting it down ever since.

    I think Susie Bubble has your silk collar…

  6. Peaches and Cream says:

    That lookbook is prefection. Love everything – I even like the model's hair!

  7. Khatija says:

    I have been in search of the collar for quite some time now and it's not fair that Grazia advertised the collar in this weeks issue, giving the impression that it was back in stock-tease! Not. Fair.

  8. Blue says:

    I loved this look book

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