Carine and the girls

Zut alors! Carine Roitfeld has quit Paris Vogue! Where will she go? Will she become Tom Ford’s full time muse? Will Katie Grand move in to PV towers? Who knows. All I know is it gives me a great excuse to show you my favourite picture of the Paris Vogue team…

[Image: Terry Richardson for Self Service magazine]

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6 Responses to Carine and the girls

  1. My New Favourite Thing says:

    I heard she left to work on her blog full time 😉 x

  2. mrs lister says:

    i love that picture. tarantino vibez

  3. Suzie Bee says:

    I wouldn't mind so much if she has left to work on her blog full time, but it's always a shame to quit somewhere like Vogue.

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    I'm looking forward to the Real story. Find out and tell us, Disneyrollergirl!

  5. Afrosaxon says:

    love this shot, maybe blogging is the future!

  6. Make Do Style says:

    Great picture! Love that SW suspects subterfuge…

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