Cape-jacket watch #1

The problem with capes is they’re going to be so ubiquitous this coming season that not looking like a victim may pose quite the challenge. Cape-jackets on the other hand (ie, wearing your jacket as a cape) are less of a risk. The best jackets/coats to cape (yes, I have decided ‘to cape’ is a legitimate verb) are ones with structured shoulders so they don’t fall off to help give you a strong, defined silhouette. In particular, I like a boyfriend blazer, a boxy cropped jacket or a masculine coat for sitting just-so on the shoulders.

Stella McCartney boyfriend blazer, £1,175,

Acne aviator jacket, £995,

By Malene Birger blazer, £268.79

Givenchy coat, £1009.43,

Topshop camel boyfriend coat, £95

Moschino crop jacket, £1,455,

Caveat! The rest of the outfit needs consideration. Keep the bottom half slim with leggings, stove-pipe trousers, shorts-n-black-opaques, straight shift dresses and stack-heeled ankle boots. No flowy midi skirts for this look.

Over to you. How would you wear a cape-jacket? Or is the whole idea preposterous?

[Top pic: Rag & Bone aw10,]

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2 Responses to Cape-jacket watch #1

  1. Tony Wang says:

    Going to have to agree, despite how much I LOVE capes, that it's easy to be a fashion victim. And love the idea of wearing a jacket as a jacket-cape of sorts. The Givenchy and Moschino ones are brilliant pieces.

    It actually reminds me of Howl's Moving Castle, where in the movie he capes (I'm stealing your new term here) his jacket.


  2. Peaches and Cream says:

    Hmm, this 'trend' puzzles me. Are we to just pretend that none of us have actual normal lives? Are we make-believing that the jacket will stay on while we have to carry gym bags and get up the stairs of a double decker and fish around for our wallet when we wanna buy our morning coffee?
    Okay, if that's the game then I'm in! (but there ain't no way that's keeping me warm when winter closes in) ;-)

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