Can’t live without it

I’m loving this interactive part of The Photographers’ Gallery website. It’s an online exhibition called Can’t Live Without It and contributors are asked to upload their (maximum of) three favourite fashion items and write some blurb about them.

Zigs Black from Germany submitted this well-worn tee, “Summer 1998. I’m buying a pair of jeans from my favourite store for casual clothing. At the till, they give me this horrible T-shirt for free. Summer 2008. I still own the shirt with the silly inscription, and I’ve been wearing and washing it so often it’s falling apart.”

K.K from Estonia posted a secondhand bag, “Bought for about a pound from an Israeli second hand shop, this tiny thing is made of real leather and has a velvet lining. It can be used as an evening bag but it fits a whole world and then some.”

Rather poignantly, Anonymous Lady posted a wig, “I lost my hair a few years ago and so wigs play a big part in my wardrobe. This is one of three wigs that I regularly wear.”

The exhibition runs til 14th September.

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8 Responses to Can’t live without it

  1. Bombchell says:

    thats pretty interesting. that was bold of the lady to show her wig. but i guess it’s under anonymous though.

  2. Make Do and Mend says:

    Fab idea, did you have to leave us with the wig thing!

  3. Silver jewellery says:

    What a great idea. Respect to the lady with the wigs!

  4. Sal says:

    What a fabulous exhibit! I’ll have to spend my lunch hour cruising around a bit more. Looks like some of the photographers wrote a LOT more than others …

  5. Emily says:

    This is a great idea for an exhibition – I especially like the quote about the t-shirt

    Emily @

  6. HANNAH-ZOË says:

    this is such a unique idea! and like everybody has already said the wig one is real interesting it makes me want to see the owner (: it’s also a strangely beautiful photograph!

  7. Helen-LG says:

    What a lovely idea for an interactive exhibit! I’d forgotten they did those, haven’t been to the Photographers’ Gallery website in ages!

    I think I shall spend a lunch hour on there one day this week.

    Thanks for posting it!

  8. up and down town says:

    addictive. i have to go through that whole list now. i love to see loved items.

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