can the mule be cool?

Anna’s footwear of choice looks to be returning from the fashion doldrums. Spotted at Fendi and Prada, it’s the latest bad-taste shoe to be reincarnated as the subversively cool option. What do you say – eek or chic?



For the record, Carine says eek…

Top photo: The Sartorialist
Bottom photo: Melanie Rickey
Other images:]

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10 Responses to can the mule be cool?

  1. Annka says:

    If you look closely you’ll see that she just folded down the straps (maybe she had blisters – can a woman like her actually have blisters?), so she stayed true to her statement, but nevertheless, these Prada babes are awesome!

  2. WRONG. You know I’ve been saying so since 2007…trashy, dangerously ankle twisting. OUCH!!, and irredeemabky unflattering.


  3. Eek for me too! Although Prada’s option is so much fun (:

  4. SJP says:

    Erm, no. Just no!

  5. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Oh well spotted Annka… Anna does love a mule though generally doesn’t she?

    Agree with LLG and SJP, but Maybe Miuccia can change our minds…

    Blahblahbecky, I’m sensing you could be persuaded?

    Marina’s Motive, I just saw your post. Anna’s look like Manolos, no?

  6. Do they fit into the same category as kitten heels? Either hate them or love them. Eek for me too! X

  7. Definitely EEK! And I hate the sound they make when you walk. No. No…

  8. Style Souk says:

    Carine said it best.

    The day mules come back into fashion is the day broken ankles do, too.

    Sarah x

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