Calvin Klein’s comeback season

Calvin Klein MAIN  9

I’m definitely feeling big Calvin Klein comeback vibes at the moment. The classic logo-waistband pants are back on-radar, those Obsession sweatshirts have been a hit before they’ve even arrived in store, and Christy Turlington’s back in her rightful place as the face of Eternity. Plus, the new ad for Calvin Klein’s classic ck one fragrance is creating serious waves with its zeitgeist-defining selfie-obsessed teens…


Calvin Klein  5
Calvin Klein  6
Calvin Klein  7
Calvin Klein  10
Calvin Klein  11
Calvin Klein  14
Calvin Klein  1989 Bruce Weber
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein 15
Calvin Klein 18
Calvin Klein 1987 Elle
Calvin Klein 1995 16
Calvin Klein Harry Styles 8
Calvin Klein Steven Meisel 1995  17

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