Cafe Diana

I’m not ashamed to say I’m quite loving the royal heritage-fest happening right now. From The King’s Speech to Christopher Kane’s ode to Princess Margaret on Acid to that wedding, it’s all about the aristocracy.

I’ve been going to Cafe Diana for decades now, an unassuming wee cafe in Baywater Road that serves up chicken tikka pitta bread sandwiches in church pew booths overlooked by dozens of framed photos of Princess Di. Frequented by curious tourists and Notting Hill locals alike, it’s a far tastier hangout than Starbucks or Pret down the road.

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3 Responses to Cafe Diana

  1. I’d completely forgotten about this place – let’s go soon! Check out my blog for some King’s Speech action.

  2. 00o00 says:

    00o00h nice! will try one day. better still, we’ll lunch there some day!

  3. There is an awesome Cafe Diana on Holloway Rd (Archway end) which has prayer mats embroidered with the princess’s face hanging on the wall.

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