So after much anticipation, C-Day has arrived. I had wanted to go to one of the Comme Des Garcons for H&M openings but alas, it clashed with an acupuncture appointment which I decided had to take priority. In the event, I found myself in Regent Street after lunch so popped my head in to see if anything was left. Despite all the hype and hysteria, I was greeted with a completely civilised scene. All the rails were fully stocked and an army of staff were visible tidying and folding. There was no frantic or undignified behaviour at all. Aside from some of the grumbles I’ve been reading along the lines of ‘where is the wacky stuff?’, I thought the collection was ‘spot’ on (if you’ll excuse the pun because if there was one key theme it was graphic polka dots). White shirts, perfect-cut trench coats, merino-wool knits, grey marl, polka dots, Peter-Pan collars, long-sleeve tees – these are the essence-of-Comme signatures that appeal to me, and the things that will sell in volume at H&M, not the crazy catwalk stuff that the average high-street customer can’t get their head around.

Although the polka dot scarves and bags were nowhere to be seen by the time I made my appearance, I was happy to see the classic round-neck polka dot cardigans in grey or dark red with white dots. I agonised over whether to get one or both but decided to play sensible and stick to a solitary grey one. I also eyed up the navy wool jersey long-sleeve tees (identical to the ‘real’ Comme ones I used to stockpile in my twenties) but £30 was a shade too dear for me, even if they are made in the CDG factory. In fact, overall from what I could see, the quality looks superb so I do think these prices are worth it, but for me one piece was enough and I couldn’t even be bothered to buy extra stuff to ‘flip’ on Ebay (although I did filch a commemorative Comme for H&M hanger…anyone wanna buy it?). Verdict: another phenomenal success for H&M.

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9 Responses to C-Day

  1. Allure says:

    That’s my favourite piece, along with the white silk shirt.

  2. MR style says:

    im a bit disappointed by the collection !! but……………

  3. SOS! says:

    ooh that’s good to hear that it wasn’t complete chaos. The piece that I was looking forward to the most was the black coat, but now that the collection is here, the hype is gone!!

  4. discothequechic says:

    what had me most stunned was the fact that they’re stocking it in our local.

    you what? an h and m collab outside of london? well who’d have thought!


  5. Top Bird says:

    OK, I’ve gotta go check it out and see for myself.
    I was hoping to get a polka dot cardi and a scarf. Were there any black trenches left? xx

  6. Make Do Style says:

    Oh I was quite disappointed not with the design but the quality and I love polka dots but even that disappointed me. I liked the design and agree it was perfect for high street but I didn’t like the flakiness of the quality. I couldn’t afford the lovely wool jacket which was my fav. I do think the collaborations are great but the material issue needs to be addressed.

  7. Helen-LG says:

    Wow.. I’m annoyed I didn’t take the courage and go on my lunchbreak now, I was expecting all sorts of incidents!

    I was going to pop by today to make up for it but then got distracted by a 2for1 wagamamas deal – I can never say no to the noodle-y goodness. (Probably why I can’t say yes to those body con dresses!)

  8. Sal says:

    Such mixed reviews, I’ve heard. But glad you were pleased, and able to nab that darling cardi.

  9. Glowing Doll says:

    I was at the launch night and people were fairly vicious! You know the usual stiletto in the foot and massive leather bag just missing your face sort of thing. The staff at the event where absolutley fabulous though.

    I bought the wool Tuxedo jacket with the tails.

    Strangely though the center piece coat-jacket was no where to be seen. In the 'V.I.P' area downstairs perhaps? Who knows. What I do know is that it is now going for as much as £800! on ebay.Yikes.

    The best part of the night was the free 30ml bottle of the CDG for H&M perfume that they gave us. It has a rather unusual black pepper over subtle notes of pine scent.

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