C’est geek c’est chic

I don’t like to gloat and I don’t like to line Luella’s pockets (I dunno why, she just annoys me) but…look what I bought! Functional yet quirky but not very practical because I know it’s going to get grubby within say 10 uses. But it’s nicely made and has lots of inside pockets to organise my stuff. See, I really am a geek! (Note, I didn’t get the charms, they cost extra…)

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5 Responses to C’est geek c’est chic

  1. muze1990 says:

    Oeh :). Have fun with it!

  2. man bag says:

    what are those things that are dangling off? (a black rose..?)

  3. rollergirl says:

    Man Bag, they’re charms! You know, those dangly bag things you like so much! One I think is a record, one is a lips-shaped mirror and one is a number 2. I think they cost about £100 EACH.

  4. Fabi says:

    oh, p.s. I would LOVE to take a look at those vogues. thankyou for asking!!

  5. emsie says:

    i’m jealous. i saw someone with it in a pic on the sartorialist i think..and wanted it.

    but too expensive for my budget…
    i love it though.


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