Buy it now: Kiehl’s crackers

Right, I’m officially obsessed with beauty-themed Christmas crackers. There has been a bit of a stampede for the Lancome advent calendar (I told you to be quick) but the Lancome Christmas crackers are still in stock. But look here, what about these adorable Kiehl’s lip balm crackers? Each £19 cracker contains three Kiehl’s #1 lip balms in original, coconut and vanilla flavours. Best crack on if you want one.


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2 Responses to Buy it now: Kiehl’s crackers

  1. sarah says:

    Love these. Have you seen the Jo Malone ones too? Pretty fab. And This Works are doing some cute ones for a tenner. Sarah

  2. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Thanks sarah, Yes, I’ve just seen the Jo Malone ones – Jo Malone have some killer Xmassy products right now. And I remember the This Works ones from last year. Now we just need Chanel ones, no?

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