Bringing back the backpack

Adorning the shoulders of everyone from Kanye to Style Salvage Steve and Susie Bubble, there’s no doubt the backpack is making a comeback. Well that’s what I decided the minute I happened upon the new Eley Kishimoto x Eastpak range which is jollying up the Eastpak Carnaby Street store and window display right now. After an intensive trying-on sesh and grilling the poor (but extremely accomodating) shop staff for a good ten minutes I gleaned the following. The backpacks are printed in the now-iconic flash print (I have the flash print upholstered chair and am still gutted that I never bought the flash print Globetrotter suitcase) and cost a very reasonable £60. Each product is a limited edition of 1000 (I’m guessing that means 1000 in each colour – red, blue, black?) and comes with a special edition Eley Kishimoto Eastpak enamel pin.

Now what do you do if you don’t like backpacks? Well there’s a whole host of other flash-y stuff. There are messenger bags and small shoulder bags as well as pencil cases and wallets (although they are a bit ‘ouch’ at £50 each). There are also three skateboards retailing at £350.

I’m going back for mine on Saturday and will be rocking it all through fashion week as it will be perfect for my LG laptop and inevitable gathering of press packs, passes and general paraphernalia that tend to mount up throughout the days. Well done Eley Kishimoto and Eastpak, I think this is a perfect partnership.

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11 Responses to Bringing back the backpack

  1. Make Do Style says:

    Ah ha yes perfect timing – I was having I need a back pack moment today and am going to resurrect my old number not quite as glam as your selection but beggars etc etc…

  2. pretty face says:

    OK, DRG, here’s my deal: when I first started school, everyone wore backpacks. As we grew older and more fashion conscious, most other people migrated to ginormous totes or leather shoulder bags, but I still wear my rucksack. I walk every day and I can’t see that working with a ton of heavy books on one shoulder.

    But in a couple of months, when I no longer wear uniform, I fear that a backpack in my current comfortable style may look slightly *too* ridiculous. Current backpack is falling apart anyway, so… these Eley bags are of course awesome but are they really going to have the comfort level for which backpacks exist? They don’t look like it from the photos, and stylish backpacks aren’t usually very well-designed… but you never know.

  3. Rollergirl says:

    Good point Pretty Face BUT these are Eastpaks we’re talking about so I’m guessing they’ll be good to go. I had an Eastpak years ago and it was super-comfy. From a sartorial point of view, well, I guess that’s all a matter of taste. But personally, I can’t see how these prints won’t look fab!

  4. KATLIN says:

    I’m not feeling the print of these too much… reminds me of elementary days with the crazy colors and drawing on your own bags. I’m very down with the backpack part though, I lug my laptop and books to school and my shoulder always feels like it’ll fall off! The only downside is that I hate the feeling of the backpack on my back because it gets so hot here! Haha, I’m so hard to please! :)

  5. coco says:

    I have a deep-rooted hate for backpacks. I hated wearing them to school as a child and would never pick one up again. I don’t mind them so much on other people, just the idea of wearing one myself makes me feel a little ill.

  6. Natty says:

    I trying to get my hands on a Chanel backbag – you know the ones from the 80’s with the chain handles?? Does that count??

  7. Helen-LG says:

    TYPICAL! I’ve just bought an uninspiring one to use when I cycle in to work – I couldn’t find anything good.

    Can you post these sort of things before I buy something else, is it really too much to ask?!

    - Which colour are you going for btw, I think I might have to opt for the red if I decide I can excuse a second backpack purchase!

  8. Rollergirl says:

    Oh Helen LG, your timing leaves much to be desired! My default option was to go for the red but I have gone for black instead. And I couldn’t wait til tomorrow, I bought mine today! So far, so happy :)

  9. La Couturier says:

    i am hardly a backpack person. but those backpacks make backpacks cool =]

    La C.

  10. *gemmifer* says:

    I’m loving the messenger-style bag! But why no way to purchase if you’re in the States? I can’t believe they don’t have a NY outlet of some sort! It makes me so sad :(

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