Brand nation

So it seems there is some truth in the point made in the FT, that the recession has meant designers lowering their extortionate prices and focussing on smaller (read: cheaper) goods to get their brand message across. The past few days alone have seen announcements of sunglasses launches from The Row, John Galliano, DVF and Alexander Wang. ‘Wow’ I ask myself, ‘are people really going to buy a pair of shades just because they have DVF emblazoned on the arm?’ And then I check myself because I’m the same brand whore girl whose eyes widened when I read the rumour that Burberry might be launching make-up. Wow, are people really going to buy a lipstick just because it has a Burberry logo embossed in the bullet? Er, maybe, if they identify with the brand. (Take that as a yes.)
[John Galliano Eyewear pic: Dazed Digital]

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4 Responses to Brand nation

  1. Random Fashion Coolness says:

    Affordable, subtly branded designer products are always desirable. Especially desired by me ;]

  2. Pierrot le Fou says:

    I remember being in TK Maxx and seeing a D&G slinky dress for £22.99.. it was 4 sizes bigger than mine, unflattering and to be quite frank not at all attractive but I still had to convince myself not to buy it! Branding is such a weird thing.. especially peoples intent on wearing fake designer goods. I'm intrigued behind the psychology of it

  3. enc says:

    I'm skeptical of these types of launches, but I'll buy the product if it's good.

  4. My New Favourite Thing says:

    Christian Louboutin has upped his prices by approximately £100 a pair, though! There might be a recession but I guess there are still worries about accessibility and over-exposure.

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